A look back on the Financer year 2018

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In 2018 Financer accelerated it’s already impressive growth rate and set new records. Within this year, our team has managed to exponentially increase both our monthly traffic and conversion rates, elevating our profitability to more than tenfold since last year. Our business had had the largest market expansion since it’s inception, and our position in the international finance is now stronger than ever.  What follows below is what we have proudly achieved within the year 2018.

485% Increase in Monthly Traffic

The website has seen a 485% increase in averaging monthly visitors compared to the previous year. On average 310,000 unique users visited monthly our pages throughout 2018, resulting in a total traffic of 3,7 Million.

In fact, that exceptional growth had placed our website among the top performing new sites in the Fintech industry. On average, we have seen a month to month growth that ranged from 5%-20%, and according to our analysis the same trend will continue in 2019.

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More than 1 Million Offer Clicks

Due to drastic improvements in our user interface and our website loading speed, the average loan offer click through rates per unique visitor have reached 29.7%, which is well above the industry overage, which typically ranges between 5%-15%.

Such improvements resulted in a total of more than 1.1 million offer clicks during 2018 of relevant traffic that was sent to our partners pages.

The improvement in traffic was not just in absolute numbers but also qualitative. That was evident by both the improvement in loan conversion rates (now exceeding 1.2%) and in average loan amounts ($5,600) as reported by our partners.

Those drastic advancements resulted in issuing loans of approximate value of $87,494,400 by our financial partners, a figure that is almost tenfold of that of the previous year.

On average each of our partners issued loans of $98,976 that were a direct result from our website referrals. That reflects a 255% increase from 2017.


12 New Markets Added

In 2018, 12 new markets were added managed by local managers with expertise on finance. That brings the number of the total markets that Financer.com is offering fully localized services to 26. We had the pleasure to welcome the following countries to our business:

  • New Zealand
  • Norway
  • Bulgaria
  • Hungary
  • Ukraine
  • Italy
  • Romania
  • Latvia
  • Slovakia
  • Russia
  • Indonesia
  • Kazakhstan

Most of the new markets has been performing exceptionally well, reaching within a few months time the top 10-20 of results for the most competitive local keywords in the finance industry. Some of those markets have been ranking among the top 5 positions for very high purchase intent keywords such as “how to get a loan”, “business loans”, or “personal loans”and others. 

In total the new markets have contributed to approximately 15% of our yearly traffic, which accounts for 560,000 unique visitors in 2018. In our projection analysis setting as a benchmark the markets added in 2017, we estimate the aforementioned markets to results in approximately 2.2- 3.5 million unique visitors in 2019, contributing to the total of 11.4 million visitors that is expected during 2019.


Few members of our team at the conference FinAdTech 2018. From left: Marcus (Manager Sweden), Paw (Manager Denmark), Johannes (founder/team leader), Mamuka (Manager Georgia), Jussi (Manager Finland), and Ville (Assisting Country Manager Finland)

What is next

The Financer.com team is looking forward to expand to new markets and to strengthen it’s already prominent position on it’s existing ones. We want to be the dominant web resource in every finance related inquiry and to deliver to our visitors the most reliable, unbiased and relevant experience available.

Our team wants to sincerely thank all our stakeholders, and especially all of our users who showed their trust and preference in Financer’s services. As always, we commit to provide you with the most efficient experience created to serve your financial needs and beyond.


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