Warning about fraudulent job posts on behalf of Financer.com

  • 10 December, 2020
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Our Commitment to Transparency
At Financer.com, we're committed to helping you with your finances. All our content abides by our Editorial Guidelines. We are open about how we review products and services in our Review Process and how we make money in our Advertiser Disclosure.

We have received several complaints about an alleged offender who has been using our brand name to post fake job posts on several job listing websites, directing them to Telegram and then requesting money from those users via Cashapp.

This person may also use emails and social media accounts that resemble our own and pretend to be our Recruitment Manager.

Currently, Financer.com has no active job posts until the end of 2020 without further notice. Any active job posts you may see online, for the time being, are a result of fraudulent activity.

Red flags to look out for:

  • Any job posts about “data entry clerk” or other roles not listed here.
  • Emails or social media accounts from [email protected] or anyone using “Financier” instead of “Financer”. Please be aware that they might switch to other emails.
  • Anybody asking you for money (this is never a part of the application process at Financer).

Only contact our official email addresses as shown here, and only our official social media channels.

Please report any fraudulent job posts, suspicious behaviour or any other information you have on this matter at [email protected] , ATTN to Mr George Chrysochou.

Our team has already reported the case to FBI and to cybercrime agencies which are investigating the matter right now.

Thank you for your cooperation and support.

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