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Find out what it’s like to work with the payment model, the perks and who’s a good fit for our team.

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Working with is not like working for most companies. We like unconventional concepts and believe in creating an environment with performance incentives.

Let us explain how we operate as a company, what we value, and how we reward our team for the value they bring.

Why become part of

We love performance based incentives, but it’s definitely not the right approach for everyone.

Why you would want to work with us, if you are the right person:

1. Our payment model

As a company, we have a slightly different payment model.

It’s based on:

  • Profit share. We believe in sharing our success with the team. We offer market profit share for country managers, and global profit share for management and other roles.
  • Basic hourly rate. We all need to make a minimum living, which is why all your responsibilities are covered with a basic hourly rate. We also have a performance incentive tied to this, which triggers an increase of hourly rate.
  • Performance bonuses. We like small bonus gestures whenever something extraordinary is done. Based on certain accomplishments, our system will automatically reward you for specific targets and events.
  • Loyalty bonus. Moreover, an additional loyalty bonus is released each month. This bonus will be based on your active time in the company, completed milestones and more.

As you see, our payment model heavily relies on the results we accomplish together. The country manager role especially is highly performance based.

That’s why it’s difficult to set a specify the monthly income you’ll receive.

Here’s an example

The average income for a country manager working full time was more than €2000. Multiple people in the company earns more than €5000 per month. The monthly income tends to increase every month as profit share, experience, efficiency and resources builds up.

2. Vitality credits

This is an initiative that gives you credits for various expenses in your daily life that we think help contributes to your success.

Here’s some of them:

  • Health checkups
  • Gym memberships
  • Courses
  • Conferences
  • Books
  • Office space

Whenever you spend money on these categories, we’ll reimburse you 75% up to a certain amount per year.

3. Work retreats

Being a remote based company, building company culture is important to us.

At, one of the ways we do that is by going on work getaways, where we rent luxury villas in tropical parts of the world – and invite the whole team to join!

Here’s a sneak peak from our work retreat in Cyprus 2019.

4. Milestones

We like working with different types of milestones to keep everyone engaged and motivated.

Currently, we have 3 types:

  • Company milestones. Goals for the whole company.
  • Personal milestones. Goals set specifically to you.
  • Market milestones. Goals related to your market.

Milestones are targets that gives you a bonus. For example, reaching a certain revenue target releases a laptop credit of €2000.

4. In-house personal coaching

Mental health is really important. A healthy mind means more motivation and increased performance.

At, everyone have access to monthly calls with our own in-house life couch.

Having someone to talk with, hold you accountable and help you set new goals have been proven to be a great investment for us.

Are you a good match?

Our door is always open for the right people. More than experience and education, we’re looking for people with the intrapreneur mindset.

We value individuals:

  • Who loves absolute responsibility. You’re a person who wants to be in charge, and don’t mind to take full responsibility for both your successes and failures.
  • With high creativity. A lot of the day-to-day tasks can be pretty abstract and require quite a bit of creativity to be executed well.
  • Who values freedom. You probably prefer a life where you choose where and when to work, rather than being confined to a set schedule and office location everyday.

Do you feel like this is you?