März 21, 2022


I thought they were fast, because they said so.


The digital application and verification was fast and was processed within two hours. Starting from the point, where they should process my documents, it is just a huge mess. Although I have sent them necessary documents immediately in the morning right after my credit agent from Verivox asked me for (I must say I sent ALL documents, which are necesssary because I know that I have to provide additional documents due to my nationality. This is why I am even more surprised that he asked me for that), they failed to do their task to check and confirm the document and communicate it to the correct department. I was checking my mail inbox every hour so I won´t miss any important information and so I can react quickly and get the loan as fast as possible. Instead of checking and confirming my sent documents, they (Auxmoney) failed to confirm my documents a few further times but keep telling me that the loan will arrive probably on a certain day: first it was Friday (did not arrive), then it was Monday (did not arrive) and then it was Wednesday (did not arrive), then it was Friday (did not arrive), then it was Monday. I thought they were telling me the truth until I later found out that they are stuck. I still do not understand today. All in all, after around 15 calls or more, me staying politely and calm, I must speak out that they (Verifox agent, Auxmoney agents and SWK Bank agents) are slow, unorganised, lack to take responsibility, problematic communication between several departments and bad computersystems. I am very disappointed because they promote themselves as the fastest, which has been proven to be wrong in my case. Most of the employees do not understand the situation and keep delaying the payout during the many processes even though I was talking to them to do specific tasks. All I hear is \"I can´t do more\". They did try, but it had no effect to the process at all. A few of them do not only lack understanding or do not take responsibility but one staff began to act impolitely. I understood that some are annoyed by this situation, but if I am able to stay calm although they messed up my matters and my projects, which are connected to this credit, I doubt them. The only one who is mentionable in a good sense is Mr. Balti from the SWK Bank. He deserves 5/5 stars, because he is the only one who understood the situation and took action correctly. Fact: not recommendable for business and private matters on international or national scale. My personal advice: calculate at least 2 month or much longer to get any small credit if you do not contact them to check the status. Oh, right! I am still waiting for the credit. I hope it will arrive this year.
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