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The Financer Initiative

By comparing personal finance products with, you are helping the world become a better place by supporting financial education in impoverished countries.

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Charity Initiative

When you purchase services from our partner, we get a commission from the bank, lender or insurance company where you became a customer.

Now we want to donate a part of this commission to different charity projects that help create better societies around the globe. Because of this, we're able to give you a good incentive to use when you compare personal finance and create a win for all partners.

We have already made dozens of donations, and plan to continue this project indefinitely.


Give a Child Free Education

With each product you purchase by comparing with, you help children receive financial education.

Every time someone compares personal finance products on, our charity incentive will donate $0.50 for every confirmed lead.

Products included:

  • Loans
  • Insurances
  • Bank, savings and investment accounts
  • Credit cards


Financial Education for Africa believes that a good way to help the world is to invest in communities in need through the means of financial education.

Giving people a chance to receive financial education will increase awareness and understanding of how money works. We want to help the world become better at managing their own personal finance as well as giving them opportunities to work in the finance field.

Our main charity project is focused on giving financial education for women and children in impoverished countries around the African continent, and we will continue to expand our reach to more regions.

Aflatoun Charity Partner is working with different projects around the globe, but our main charity partner is Dutch-based Aflatoun International, a nonprofit organization with a strong focus on financial education.

Their achievements in 2020:

  • 5.6 million children and young people reached
  • 167,090 trained teachers
  • 53% of the beneficiaries were girls/women
  • 300+ global implementation partners
  • 102 countries

You can read more about Aflatoun's initiative here.

How It Works

This is how you're helping the world by using
How It Works
1. Purchase services through our partners.
When you take out a loan, apply for a credit card or open a savings account, we get a commission from our partners.
2. A portion is marked for donation
This portion will be put aside to later be donated to our charity projects.
3. The money is paid out to charities
We will send the money to the charity projects on a quarterly basis.

Our Donations

Thanks to our visitors, we have managed to donate an impressive amount of money already. Further down, you can see a list of our local partners, and the total amount donated globally.

We will update this page on a quarterly basis.

Feel free to contact us to initiate collaborations. We are always interested in learning more about clever charity setups. However, please note that we only work with registered and well-established charity projects that are focused on our niche.

Charity Projects

See some of the charity projects that we have donated to below.
2358.76 EUR

Total global amount donated

thanks to our visitors
20596.69 EUR

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