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  • Loans from $100 to $1,000
  • Large network of lenders
  • Repayment up to 12 months
  • Bad credit history accepted

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Cash Advance is rated 57 out of 301 companies in total rating and got an average review score of 4.8 based on 3 reviews. Their weakness is Interest & Costs and their strength is Support & Service.
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eric_chavez 20 reviews | August 25, 2022
General Review
Being able to handle people’s problems efficiently and effectively is a thing worth gratitude in every ramification. What XAP CREDIT SOLUTION did for me and my family is immeasurable, I had a very poor FICO of 510, I had a repo, student loans, evictions and a couple of late payments. After my niece convinced me I contacted XAP and they boosted my FICO to 790 and removed all evictions, late payments and repo. I know how unbelievable this may sound but they actually gave me a reason to be happy again. If you would like to engage with their services Email XAPCREDITSOLUTION @ GMAIL .COM. They are the best and surest means of getting your credit fixed. Tell them Eric told you so.
high rate if you have bad credit
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Joshua Hurley 1 review | May 7, 2022
General Review
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jane 8 reviews | March 29, 2022
General Review
Fast financing. they're upfront about the costs and risks
high rates for short term loans
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