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  • Small business loans of up to $5 million
  • Fast payouts
  • Access to SBA 7(a) loans, term loans, invoice factoring, and more
  • Easy online application

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  • Small business loans of up to $5 million

  • Compare multiple lenders for business funding

  • Easy online application with fast payouts

  • More than $2.5 billion in loans secured

  • No hard credit pull needed to compare loans

What is Fundera?

Fundera is a business loan marketplace where borrowers can compare offers to find the best business loan for their needs.

Fundera is not a direct lender and does not originate loans but matches you up with business loan providers you may qualify for.

Founded in 2014, Fundera has helped thousands of businesses find funding and has secured more than $2.5 billion in loans to date.

Fundera is based in New York and offers borrowers the ability to secure a business loan of up to $5 million with an easy online application process.

It offers a wide range of loans, including Fundera SBA loans, lines of credit, merchant cash advances, and personal loans for businesses.

Chosen 243 times
  • Small business loans of up to $5 million
  • Fast payouts
  • Access to SBA 7(a) loans, term loans, invoice factoring, and more
  • Easy online application

Why Fundera Stands Out

Fundera offers a transparent and straightforward application process and they ahve a good reputation online.

They are selective about the partners they work with and provides various tools and information to help businesses find the loan they need.

Based on your requirements, some lenders Fundera may pair you with include OnDeck, Fundbox, BlueVine and Credibly.

Products Offered

Fundera offers the following loan products:

Fundera PPP Loans

With Fundera PPP loans, borrowers can learn more about Paycheck Protection Program loans from the Small Business Administration (SBA).

It aims to help businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic with loans that are 100% guaranteed by the Federal government.

The SBA made a copy of its PPP application form available as this will likely form part of the application process with most lenders.

Other financing options for businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic include the following:

Installment Loans

Fundera lets you compare installment loans from business lenders. These installment loans are offered as a lump sum with fixed monthly repayments.

Business installment loans typically last a year or longer.

Short-term Loans

Short-term loans are ideal if you need money for your business in a hurry.

Short-term loans often have expedited application processes and term lengths of less than a year. Rather than pay interest, you’ll pay a flat fee.

This fee is typically a percentage of the amount you’re borrowing. So if you’re borrowing $10,000 and have a factor rate of 1.2, you’ll owe $12,000.

Payments are made every week or every business day, so make sure that you are comfortable with a short-term business loan before you commit.

Lines of Credit

With a business line of credit you will receive a credit limit and you can borrow within that limit. As you make payments, you’ll have more credit available again, so you can keep borrowing against your credit line when needed.

As long as the amount you borrow never exceeds your credit limit, you can continue borrowing for your business needs.

You only pay interest on the amount you’ve borrowed.

Equipment Loans

Equipment loans are almost the same as installment loans, but with one difference – as the loan is specifically used to purchase equipment, the equipment you’re buying acts as collateral (security) for the loan.

Secured loans usually come with better rates and terms than equivalent unsecured loans.

How Fundera Works

With Fundera business loans, small businesses can get loans of up to $5 million without having to undergo a hard credit pull. Comparing business loans is easy on Fundera.com, with fast payouts available for approved loans.

Fundera works with more than 25 online lenders and it will pair you with the most suitable lenders and loan offers for your business.

It also does not promote one lender over another, ensuring that you are always presented with the best offers.

Loan Requirements

Although lending requirements can differ between lenders, here are the basic loan requirements when applying for Fundera business loans:

  • A personal credit score of 600 or higher
  • More than one year in business
  • At least four months of bank statements
  • Details on your annual revenue and profit

Rates & Fees

Fundera does not offer loans directly but rather works with a network of lenders that offer different loan rates.

Checking your eligibility for a loan offer is free as Fundera receives compensation from its funding partners if loans are approved to applicants.

Business term loans from Fundera offer APRs between 7% and 30%.and funds can be available as soon as the next business day.

Fundera does not charge any origination fees.

Payment Terms

Payment terms vary between lenders but in general, Fundera business loans come with repayment terms of from one to 25 years.

Repayment terms will vary based on the type of business loan, the amount being borrowed, and the lender’s terms.

How To Apply for a Loan with Fundera

Step 1

Apply online

Complete a simple online application by answering a few questions about your business. This is to assist Fundera to find the best loan options for your business.

Step 2

Connect with a specialist

Fundera will pair you with a lending expert who will contact you to learn more about your business and find a product that is tailored to your business’ needs.

Step 3

Compare loan options

Your specialist will walk you through your specific offers and help you compare and find the best loan option.

Step 4

Choose the best offer

Once you’ve compared business loan offers from Fundera, choose the offer tha best suits your needs. You can also get better loan options as your business grows.

With the help of a loan specialist, you can review your personalized loan offers and compare options for your business. Your specialist will also assist in growing your business to find better loan offers in the future.

Chosen 243 times
  • Small business loans of up to $5 million
  • Fast payouts
  • Access to SBA 7(a) loans, term loans, invoice factoring, and more
  • Easy online application

Our Fundera Review


  • Fundera is not a direct lender

  • Limited number of lenders available

Fundera offers an easy way for businesses to get access to a variety of loans online, including term loans and SBA loans.

The application process for Fundera loans is easy, with a dedicated lending specialist to walk you through your loan options and unique loan offers.

Their website is easy to use, and there are a lot of great resources and guides available to help borrowers understand the different loan options, how they work, and how to choose the best offer from top lenders.

Their website is transparent and they disclose information about how they collect information and how the process works.

Fundera is a signatory on the Small Business Borrower’s Bill of Rights and therefore upholds a certain standard when it comes to their business.

You can read more Fundera reviews below and add your own.

Customer Support

Fundera offers reliable customer support with step-by-step guides to help first-time borrowers navigate the lending process.

They have a reliable customer support centrre with business loan calculators, financial templates, glossaries, and lender reviews.

Customers can get in touch with customer support via phone at 1 (800) 386-3372 or email at support@fundera.com.

Fundera FAQs

Does a Fundera loan application require a hard credit pull?

No. Applying for a Fundera business loan only requires a soft credit inquiry that won’t impact your credit score. Once you choose an offer and submit a formal application, the lender may do a hard credit inquiry to process your application.

Can I apply for a loan to start a new business?

No. Due to the risk involved, Fundera’s network of lenders do not offer loans that can help you start a new business.

How do I submit my documents?

You can upload loan documents like tax returns and bank statements online with Fundera. You will be notified if any documentation is required.

How fast can I get a loan?

Most short-term business loans and lines of credit can be funded as soon as the next business day. Other loans may take around 3 to 7 days. You can apply for a business credit card that can be approved the same day.

Can I get a Fundera business loan if I am not based in the US?

No. Fundera only work with lenders that provide funding to businesses in the United States.

How do I apply for a loan?

Visit the Fundera website and click on ‘See Your Loan Options’. You’ll need to anser a few questions to be matched with suitable offers. 

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