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3.5 From 1 Reviews
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Why Money Key?

  • Loan amounts: Borrow between 0 $ - 2,600 $ fast and easy!
  • Term of loan: Choose to pay back the loan between 10 Days - 1 Year and 6 Months
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  • Michelle Jackson

    Short term loans from MoneyKey are pretty reasonably priced but there are cheaper options out…

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    Money Key - Summary

    Money Key is a credit provider offering various lending opportunities to customers. These options are invaluable tools when you need to quickly fix a cash emergency.

    Money Key is a state licensed lender. Various credit products are available via a secure online platform.

    How it Works

    1. Submit an online application form or call to apply over the phone
    2. Once approved, review and sign a loan agreement
    3. Verify your details
    4. Receive your funds
    5. Repay your loan subject to terms and conditions

    Convenience Matters when Applying for a Loan

    Borrowing money may often involve a lot of complexities. These procedures may be unnecessary when you just need a quick financial fix. Money Key aims to make this process as simple as possible. Customers can fill an online form or just call to apply.

    Once the information is stored in the database, you will be contacted. Approval is done fast. Of course this decision will be dependent on certain criteria.

    Things to Look for In a Payday Lender

    • Fast and convenient application process
    • A state licensed lender
    • Transparent rates
    • Great customer care service

    It is advisable to contact customer care team to fully understand how the borrowing process works. You can do this by phone, email or through the online chat at the site.

    Your situation may call for a payday loan. At times, an installment loan will be better. In order to make this important decisions think seriously about your loan purpose. Also calculate your monthly installments and know if you can afford.

    Responsible Lending at Money Key

    As Money Key offers short term loans, responsible lending is also encouraged. There are financial risks related to these loans. It is good to view these offers as a short term solution as you get back on your feet.

    Read the terms and conditions carefully. These must be met when repaying back your installment or payday loan. The customer care team will enlighten you on the whole procedure.

    Other factors to consider in ensuring responsible lending include:

    • Read the privacy policy and be comfortable with it. This ensures you understand how your personal information will be handled
    • Ensure you are able to repay back the money within the specified time frame
    • Don’t take a loan to pay off another loan
    • Get familiar with the fees and interest. Remember that extending a loan period also attracts additional fees/interest.

    Reviews - Read Customer Reviews of Money Key

    1. Michelle Jackson

      Short term loans from MoneyKey are pretty reasonably priced but there are cheaper options out there for longer term loans



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