Invest with Prosper

Prosper uses peer-to-peer lending for loans.

This means that every loan has investors behind it. This gives investors a chance to diversify their portfolios.

Prosper offers average Historical Returns of 5.5% and a proven platform. Prosper makes it easy to diversify your portfolio beyond bonds and stocks and you can get started with a minimum investment of just $25.

When you invest in Prosper, you are choosing a reputable company. Prosper has helped more than 1,123,000 borrowers to date.

How It Works

How to invest with Prosper

Step 1

Open an account

There are two types of accounts:

  1. General Investment Accounts: Taxable growth & withdraw at anytime.
  2. Individual Retirement Account (IRA): Tax-deferred growth and long-term investment.
Step 2


Browse and compare loans by credit score, rating, a term.

Step 3


You can choose to manually invest in specific loans or use the Auto-Invest tool to create specific criteria for your money to be automatically invested.

Step 4

Earn returns

Your earnings are automatically deposited into your account.

Things To Know

  • There is a minimum of $25 required for each loan investment.
  • Returns historically average 5.5%.
  • The average borrower has a 710 FICO score.
  • The average annual income of a Prosper borrower is over $95k

You can also read Prosper reviews from clients online and look at Prosper loans if you are in need of funding.

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