The Financial Freedom Blueprint

The Financial Freedom Blueprint

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The Path to Creating a Fantastic Future Isn’t a Mystery…

In fact, there's an entire industry dedicated to educating people how to do just that. They’re called Financial Planners or financial advisers. Here, we’ll refer to them as Financial Planners.

These highly trained professionals, like yours truly, go through years of postgraduate training, covering everything from insurance, to mortgages, to investments, pensions, corporate advice, and estate planning for high net worth individuals, business people, trusts, and corporations.

In a nutshell, they help rich people to become richer...because you have to be rich to access them in the first place.

Unfortunately, to sit down with a Financial Planner will cost you up to $500 PER HOUR and maybe more for the very best ones. They earn six-figure salaries and typically retire young or leverage their skill sets in other ways they find appealing.

financial freedom blueprint course

It took me about 6 years to pass all my exams...and I went through them quickly.

The vast majority of people who start this journey never make it to the end. I’d estimate less than 10% of Financial Planners ever give advice to corporations, advanced pension clients and trusts. I have given advice on all three. What most financial advisers have in common is that we all started giving advice to clients wanting to build their financial futures, just like you!

What you are about to get is an insider's guide into the general thinking behind long-lasting financial success, adapted for people who might be struggling now or who wish to make better use of their financial resources to achieve financial freedom, which is really just another way of saying to have choices about how they live.

The strategies and tactics employed by Financial Planners are robust, they are road tested, they work, and the Financial Planners will HATE me for sharing this with you.

The best part is anyone can use them.

21-Day Freedom Blueprint

This short course, delivered over 21 days, is a blueprint that can plug into ANYONE'S life. It doesn’t matter if you’re working for $10 an hour.

What you are about to read will help you to dramatically and quickly begin thinking right about your finances and your priorities in life.

You will get so many a-ha moments on this course that your head will spin.

You will see how all the parts fit together synergistically and produce fast results you can measure (and I’ll give you the measuring tools to do just that!).

The Financial Freedom Course

This financial planning course can be generally applied to most countries and tax jurisdictions, though it’s best always to seek financial advice for big decisions.

Knowing the framework will save you from poor decisions, help you recognize and eliminate gaps in your plan and help reduce fees paid to financial advisers.

The course outlines the key building blocks in any ultimately successful financial plan.

The course has been compliance approved in some of the most rigorous financial planning compliance locations in the world.

This entire course was written by an early pioneer of holistic financial planning who worked for one of the two oldest firms in the world at the time in the UK, one of the toughest financial compliance regimes in the world.

The course contains 21 modules and is jam-packed with useful strategies, tactics, tips, and tools to help you start TODAY to build a brighter financial future for all your tomorrows.


Module 1
Know Yourself, Your Current Position and Refine Your Future Plan
  • Day 1 - Know Thyself
  • Day 2 - Create Your Current Budget
  • Day 3 - The Metrics That Light the Path to Financial Freedom
  • Day 4 - Reducing Expenses and Increasing Income
  • Day 5 - The 15% Savings Budget
  • Day 6 - Create Your Financial Freedom Budget
  • Bonus: Learn how to enhance yourself to achieve a better life
Module 2
Saving for and Protecting Your Future
  • Day 7 - Debt - The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  • Day 8 - Understanding Your Emergency Fund Needs
  • Day 9 - Protect Against Catastrophic Risks
  • Bonus: Housing, rent or own?
Module 3
Risk, Reward, Inflation, and Taxation
  • Day 10 - Determine Your Risk Profile
  • Day 11 - Calculate Your Required Investment Return
  • Day 12 - What Are The Low Risk Investments?
  • Day 13 - What Are The High Risk Investments?
  • Day 14 - Understanding Inflation and Taxation
  • Bonus: Understand market tops and bottoms
Module 4
Pensions, Investments, and Trading
  • Day 15 - Pension planning - How To Do It Right
  • Day 16 - Choosing Your First Investment
  • Day 17 - Open a Brokerage Account
  • Bonus: Economic and Stock Market Cycles
Module 5
Protecting what You Have and Staying on Track
  • Day 18 - Create An Estate Plan
  • Day 19 - Analyze Your Data Every Month
  • Day 20 - Learn From Role Models
  • Day 21 - Position Yourself for Long Term Success
  • Bonus: Trading For Beginners
Extra Bonus
Calculators Icon

Full Access to Our 4 Calculators

Get a lifetime to 4 calculators to take full control of your personal finances. The four calculators are a Budgeting Tool, a Savings Rate Calculator, a Financial Freedom Calculator, and a Retirement Income Calculator.

Lifetime Access

This lifetime access course, delivered sequentially, one module per day, will stand you and your children in good stead for years to come by teaching you things that all kids really should have learned in school.

Alas, the powers that be have zero interest in you becoming financially literate. They’d much prefer you to be a cog in their machine for generations to come.

Taking this course also gives you access to additional modules for some of life’s key questions, plans, and decisions, for when you need to understand things more deeply before you speak with a local financial adviser, so you can avoid common mistakes that could cost you a LOT of money.

Why You Need This?

  • This course is a soup-to-nuts overview of everything financial from getting out of debt, saving and investing, pensions, protecting against risk and protecting your assets from inheritance tax, and everything in between. 
  • Give you the essential building blocks to financial success so you can save a fortune on speaking to a Financial Planner, regardless of your jurisdiction.
  • Show you a solid running order to build your financial plan for maximum success in an actionable step-by-step format.
  • You will see immediate results and increase your confidence, literally on day one (today), and will gain a new-found sense of purpose about your life that could change the entire trajectory of your life.
  • You will understand why your income doesn’t really matter much to your long-term financial success. Your daily habits and a solid understanding of the financial planning process are the keys over a long period.
  • By the end, you will have the knowledge and confidence to be more prepared than 90% of your peers for a life of financial freedom and success, regardless of where you start.

Here’s what to do next

The cost of this course, if you got it from a Financial Planner, would be at least hundreds and likely, for someone of my licensing level, thousands of dollars.

We want this course to be accessible to as many people as possible, and there is no downside to a million people understanding the financial freedom framework.

For that reason, we are giving completely FREE lifetime access to the first 500 that sign up. After that, we will be pricing it at a $19.99 ONE TIME PAYMENT, for lifetime access for the first 1000 people who join. After that, the price will go up. As more people join, we will expand this course content and tools, and you will have access forever.

The reason we are giving it away for free in the beginning is that it we can develop and expand the course based on your feedback.

Meet the Author: Barry Walls

After taking A levels in Accounting, Economics, and Geography, Barry graduated with a BA (Hons) in Business Administration and Finance and went to work with Arthur Anderson as a trainee accountant. After a year, he left accountancy and went into financial services with Friends Provident PLC, where he remained for 8 successful years, working in holistic financial planning, mortgage broking, insurance planning, investment advice, corporate financial planning, and inheritance tax mitigation.

After leaving financial services, Barry went on to train hundreds of people on how to create an online side gig before securing venture capital funding for his first business. He is currently the CEO of a breakthrough mortgage origination platform for mortgage brokers and lenders in the US.

Barry enjoys chess, golf, poker, the gym, reading, writing, good food and wine, coaching, trading, investing, and helping promising startup companies with strategic sales and marketing advice.


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