Dan Bilzerian’s Business Goes Public

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A new player has emerged in the United State’s OTC stock market, but their name may ring a bell… or pushed notification from Instagram….

Baring the name BILZF, Dan Bilzerian or “the king of Instagram” whos long and public history of high stakes poker and general playboy lifestyle has taken his business Ignite public.

In today’s article, we’re sharing what our opinions are of the stock and the general direction of the business and will briefly touch upon Dan for those of you whom have happened to stumble upon this article without any prior knowledge of the man.

Meet Dan Bilzerian:

Dan Bilzerian is known for a lot of things in his life, most of which you can find on his PG-13-Rated R Instagram @danbilzerian.

Early life was just as unique as the person he grew into. His father was a Wall Street corporate raider that set up trust funds for his kids, and Dan went threw the Naval Academy to become a SEAL many times but unfortunately, or fortunately for him, ended up flunking out for being failed for a safety violation on the shooting range.

After his failure at the Naval Academy, Dan decided to head to the University of Florida to major in Criminology and Business.

In 2009 Dan finished in 180th place at the World Seris of Poker, and in 2010 his charisma shined through on an internet poll where he was voted “the funniest professional poker player”. As the years passed, Dan started marking claims of earning tens of millions in poker, and said his secret at this point was that “he just doesn’t play against the professionals anymore.”; otherwise insulating that he plays in high stake tournaments with other affluent participants that don’t play professionally.

Since 2015 Dan has really shared a large keyhole look through his life with various cameos in movies, television shows, interviews, and of course, the Instagram stories (Dan has 28.5 million followers). But as of recently, Dan has been putting a tremendous amount of energy and effort into his business Ignite.

About Ignite

Ignite was originally founded in 2017, and Dan has prided himself on “refusing to cut corners” on any of his products or services. What does Ignite sell?

Ignite is a seller of CBD and Cannabis products, and as of September 23rd, 2019, it is now a public stock available with the ticker symbol BILZF.

More information on them and what they do can be found readily available on their website.

The Brand Called Ignite

Regardless on if you agree with Ignite’s mission for selling cannabis and CBD, or regardless of if you agree with how Dan Bilzerian built his brand or not, I think it’s safe to say that the now-public company should be interesting to watch over the next several years, as we witness what might happen when someone with such a large social media presences steps into the market.

What Makes a Good Trade on The Stock Market?

The general rule of thumb to avoid getting burned when trading is, “never invest based off of someone’s opinion“. The current stock price is within range of calling it a “penny stock”. The day as of today closed out at $1.58 a share. But the question on a lot of people’s mind is, “is this something worth investing into?”

There is no doubt that Dan has been a master at a lot of things in his life, in addition to being one of the most recognizable names on the internet. But just because their name is recognizable does not mean that the business they have necessarily can “take off” overnight.

A stock like this is something that may be great to consider for a more aggressive investment strategy if you’re someone like a daytrader. Already since the launch as of the 23rd, stock prices have fluctuated from $2.75 down to $1.39. In the case of daytraders, something like this can be considered high-risk high reward.

This may be also a more aggressive approach in investing in general, should you be interested in holding stocks for the longterm instead of taking something more conservative like solid ETFs. Overall the next few years should be interesting to watch and can be incredibly difficult to actually predict.

I’m sure plenty of people will be trying to understand the most optimal investment strategies with Ignite, but the new face in the market still has plenty of time to grow and earn a reputation.


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