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How to Get an American Express Black Card

  • July 27, 2019
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Do you know the origin of the American Express Black Card?

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It may actually surprise you!

In today’s article, we’re going to be sharing with you what the public knows about getting the coveted AMEX Black Card, along with a bit of the history, and the perks that come along with the card. So if your aspirations are to attain an AMEX Black Card, also known as the Centurion Black card, then keep on reading, and enjoy!

The History of The Centurion Black Card from AMEX

Speculators have gathered that during the 90’s, an urban legend was being circulated around popular social scenes and business offices that there is a credit card on the market that is only attainable for the mega-successful, mega-rich individuals. This card would allow the wealthiest of the wealthiest to make purchases, regardless of how large the total came to… put simply- a no-limit credit card.

The idea was that this card not only was reserved for the wealthiest people but also this card is invite only, making it all the more exclusive.

This is when American Express actually picked up the idea from the rumor mill and formed what we now know today as the AMEX Centurion Black Card.

Getting Familiar with the Amex Black Card for Business and the Amex Personal Black Card

Rumors estimate that in total there is only around approximately 17,000 black cardholders in the entire world, so as you can imagine getting selected into their invite-only program is extremely difficult. But depending on you, and your spending habits, an invite may be closer than you would expect.

As far as the Amex Personal Black Card goes, this has to top the list as the most difficult card to get and here’s why. When it comes to the Amex Personal Black Card, what we do know is that you have to meet prequalifying requirements we will talk about shortly, in addition to spending $350k a year on your American Express Cards.

The AMEX Black Card for Business might actually be a bit more attainable for some people since the requirements to qualify (in addition to prequalifiers) is spend $500k a year on your other AMEX Cards. Seeing that this is a business card, it does rather make sense as something a little more attainable to people since business expenses are counted towards the baseline requirement.

Meaning that a lot of advertising businesses that have to sink client’s budget into advertising campaigns can run the expenses through their AMEX card, and it’s not all just personal expenditures being sunk into your spending.

What are the Pre Qualifiers to The Amex Centurion Black Card?

So now knowing the kind of spending required to be invited to the black card membership program, your next question might be, is there any other requirements aside from just spending a lot on your other AMEX cards to be invited.

Well, there assumably is.

At the end of the day, American Express is a business like any other, and they want to do business with people who have a solid track record of good spending habits.

Factors that go into your credit score most likely are taken into account, but seeing that this isn’t directly disclosed by AMEX its only speculation. But it is rather safe to say they are looking at your credit history, your ability to make repayments, and generally speaking probably want to see as close to a perfect credit score with a low total credit utilization rate before they extend this offer to you.

But now the good stuff!

What are the Perks of an American Express Black Card?

The perks of having a Black Card are as tangible as they are ambiguous. Meaning that AMEX Black Card members tend to enjoy bespoke perks, or perks that are 100% custom-tailored to their spending habits and lifestyle, in addition to some perks they may have already come to expect from a card like American Express Platinum.

For what most people agree upon already, the Black card gets you SPG Gold status, Hilton Diamond status, and IHG Platinum Elite status for hotels; the top tier membership levels at most prominent and recognized hotels in general. The Centurion also gives you Delta Airlines Platinum Medallion status, something you normally have to fly over 75,000 miles and spend over $9,000 on tickets in a single year to be eligible for this status with Delta.

You also receive other special benefits from the Centurion Hotel Program, places like Aman Resorts, Belmond, Mandarin Oriental, Oetker Collection, The Peninsula, St Regis, and Rosewood to name a few. And with your ability to status match other airlines and hotel programs because of your good standing with all the ones Centurions includes for you, you’re virtually guaranteed elite level statuses at any hotel, any airlines, any car rental services, and more.

What Makes the Black Card Stand out The Most?

What makes this card stand out the most, and creates the most appeal is their customer service which you will soon learn justifies the high barrier to entry.

In currently over 30 international airports, when you land, a Black Card Service Valet (representative), will help you collect your bags, escort you through immigration and security, as well as help orchestrate transportation for you to your travel destination at an expedited rate.

When you’re at the airport, you are given access to all the airport lounges that were available to you in the AMEX Platinum Collection, but also receive the benefit of never being turned down at a Centurion lounge even if the lounge is full. Centurion lounges also reserve top-shelf premium drinks for Black Card cardholders, saved just for you if you check in.

Centurion Concierge Service Will Blow Your Mind.

Some people are familiar with the American Express Platinum Concierge Service that will help you get tickets to sold-out shows and exclusive invite-only events. But when you’re a Black Card member your wish is their command, and for the most part, it just gets done in a higher level.

There are stories AMEX invitees are familiar with that displays the lengths AMEX will go to keep you as a satisfied business partner.

When invited, AMEX sends you a package that reads- “you’re invited”. From there it tells you about all the perks of their concierge service showcasing a romantic tale of a man who wanted to propose to his girlfriend while they were yachting on a lovely vacation. The man realized that although he had his engagement ring, he meant to also bring flowers; so he turned to his concierge service from Black Card which then chartered a private boat to serve as a courier. The boat arrived alongside the yacht with a bouquet of flowers which undoubtedly made the moment all the more special for the soon to be newly weds.

What is their Reward System Like and How Much does the Card Cost Annually?

As disclosed on their website, the initiation fee to become a Centurion Black Card member is $7,500, and a $2,500 annual fee after. Additional cards also cost $2,500.

Word from the rumor mill is that there are targeted 180k point sign up bonuses if you hit the $20k spend within a certain time frame, but afterwards, points drop to 1 MR point per dollar spent. However, the purpose of the black card really is not meant to be a bonus point card.

How to Get The Most Value Out of The Card

The true purpose of the AMEX Black Card is not meant to be a travel card, it’s meant to be an access pass to the .0001% of people. CEO’s, celebrities, and men and woman of the world. It’s also meant to serve as a status symbol at airports, hotels, and other places that are there to serve and help accommodate you in the best way they possibly know how.

With exclusive invite-only events, the value out of this card is also the network you’re able to access in a new way. Imagine receiving an invitation to a private “Black Card Member Only” event if you’re a music producer, and you meet Arianna Grande there… obviously, the value is not going to be in the “free flights” you generate on the card but the hands you’re able to shake.

Final Thoughts on The Black Card

Keep in mind that this information is not meant to serve as a guarantee on how to get the card, it’s only speculation from people that have received the card, and what they all had in common and were kind enough to share publically with others in the public domain.

Rest assured the Black Card is not a myth but is attainable if you have the right strategy to do so. So keep working away for the card and one day you’ll look back and thank Financer.com for helping you on your journey!

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Published: July 27, 2019
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