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Ways to Make Money Online (From Reddit)

  • July 20, 2019
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Are you sick of the metaphorical “pitchfest” you see online? For those of you who are unfamiliar with what the phrase “pitchfest” means, it means an event where you’re constantly sold to, usually to your own disappointment, but that’s a whole different topic.

But let’s face it, over and over again we are now inundated, bombarded, buried, in advertising and marketing through popular mediums like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, you name it, somebody is there selling you something, shouting at you to buy their affiliate program, join their consulting group, and check out their newest wizbang that’ll make you rich. If you’re one of the many people that:

A) Feel like there has to be a better way/more trustworthy source

B) One of those people that probably have been taken advantage of by a marketing guru and had poor results

This article aims to address these concerns and share with you information that’s more on the “practical side of things”, isn’t a “pie in the sky- fairytale”, and might actually start earning you money within the week of concentrated effort. The best part of this all is, this information is from people “just like you”, people that have nothing to sell you, and everyday people that have created an income for themselves online, and have shared this with others online.

Enjoy this article of our favorite ways everyday people can start making money online, based off of what we’ve read from Reddit!

Done For You Services

The first thing worth mentioning on this list is what is called “Done for You Services”, and this has to be the easiest way to start earning money online. Done for you services essentially is leveraging a skill you already have, essentially a contractor for hire, that will complete jobs based on the needs of the marketplace.

Some of these services are simple to complex and each come with their own “perfect pricing” range.

Examples would be:

1) Facebook Advertising
2) Google AdWords
3) Website Design
4) Copywriting
5) Translating Content
6) Conversion Rate Optimization

These are just a few examples and we’ll briefly touch on some of the basics and our recommendations so you can hit the ground running.

Facebook Advertising is a skill people will have to do their homework on, famous facebook advertisers are people like Jason Hornung and his material online is well agreed on to be the most effective “virtual academy” to learning how to run effective Facebook ad’s for other businesses from A-Z.

The purpose of Facebook Advertising is simple. As long as someone spends $1 with you, and you have the ability to turn it into $2 online, (meaning your campaign is profitable), you have a service you can offer business owners.

Google AdWords is essentially a service that is simple to set up for clients, and once you’ve done your market research and narrowed in the campaign, can be quite profitable to clients. Everyone has seen at the very top of Google the section that says “ad” in green.

That is a service where a budget is set by your client, and they get charged per click to their advertisement since it generates highly targeted traffic/potential leads. You can generally find a lot of good information on setting this service up on YouTube, and Google releases guides on this subject themselves!

Website Design is another simple avenue but does require a lot of time. If you run a website on WordPress, web design can be as simple as setting up a new theme you can buy on various stores online, and with countless tutorials online, you can pick up the skills necessary to make someone a new website within a couple of weeks.

As a tip, themes that give developers a great range of freedom and ease of use are themes like Divi, Elementor Pro, and Enfold. There is a learning curve for web design, and some platforms like Squarespace and Wix are easier to work with, but generally speaking a lot of technical issues you might run into can also be solved by your hosting companies support team who are glad to have your business anyways.

On the easier end of the spectrum are basically “content” based jobs. These jobs are copywriting, translating content, and conversion rate optimization. Copywriting is simple enough, find people that need sales letters, email letters, or website content, polished up by a good writer that can help them secure new business. Your sales copy should be elegant and persuasive and inspire people to take action.

Translating content is as simple as helping someone who isn’t bilingual translate their content, their message, into a new language. While Conversion Rate Optimization can be trickier, you certainly can charge more.

What CRO is, is you take a website and modify its content as well as the pictures and user experience to be more persuasive. We’ve all gone to websites that might have great information, but lack enough umph to capture your attention. And that’s your job. Have a metaphorical “makeover” of their content to help the business get the sales they deserve.

Done With You Services

Done with you services is another avenue you can take and while it is for the more “skilled out there”, it definitely can be more “secure” than a start-up job where you’re working as a freelancer/body for hire.

While you’re reading this, I can proudly say (breaking the 4th wall here), I, your humble author, am actually performing a “done with you service.” I essentially work as a specialized content writer/brand representative for You could call this an employee and you’d be right!

Find businesses online where you can leverage skills you already have to work remotely inside the business.

So maybe you’re kept on a payment plan with a language learning website that is constantly adding in new content, and your job would be to translate the content to your native language. Or maybe you have programming abilities and can head on over to websites like UpWork, Indeed, or Monster, and find a job that lets you work remotely with your skills.

There is virtually an unlimited pool of opportunities out there on the marketplace and a wide range of businesses that need diligent and skilled workers to help their business online.

Selling Courses and Consulting

The final methodology to earn money online can debatably be said to be the toughest. And that is selling courses or consulting businesses.

To do this effectively, morally and ethically, you should have expertise in this field. Not just anyone can start a consulting business, or create a tutorial business and expect to be effective in the marketplace if you haven’t actually had a mastery over the industry.

But if you do have a track record for success in areas like SEO, Financial Advice, Dating Advice, Marketing Strategies, Sales Training, Leadership Training, Emotional Therapy, Language Tutoring, Etc, you’ll find that you potentially have a skill set that is valuable to the market.

The other half of the equation is ensuring you make a great impression with your marketing efforts. The course should be clean, and easy to follow. The consulting you give should follow some kind of format where delivery is handled at a very high level.

Final Thoughts

A very real phenomenon that happens when people first try to create an income online, is something known as “shiny object syndrome”. This is something that can damper your progress for months if not years. The best piece of advice is generally pretty simple- “anything works as long as you do, so just stick to one thing and really focus without getting distracted, don’t doubt yourself in your pursuit just focus for a few months and then evaluate if you like what you’re doing or not.”

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