Secured Loans

collateral loansAre you considering a loan for personal use? Most traditional lenders require a borrower to provide collateral against the loan.

Secured loans online are protected by an asset of your choice. The item can be for example a car or a home. The bank or any other lender will hold the title of the asset until full repayment. This includes any interest accrued and other fees.

The collateral can be for example:

  • Stock
  • Bonds
  • Personal property

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Secured Loans for Large Loans

A lender needs assurance that the loan will be paid in full.

The secured loans or collateral loans are offered in large amounts. This is because the lender has the guarantee he needs. If you put your home or property on the line, you will fight to repay.

If you are not willing to put collateral, a lender will not loan a large amount. Collateral loans may be home equity loans. A lender will look at the current market value of your home. He will then minus the amount still owed.

Putting your home as collateral can be risky. If you fail to make timely payments you lose it. You need to be sure you can keep up the payments.

Typical Terms and Conditions of Secured Loans

Secured personal loans typically have lower rates compared to unsecured loans. If the rate is fixed, payments get easier. You know how to plan your repayments over the loan period. Secured loans/collateral loans have a higher borrowing limit.

The longer repayment period is another great feature. You have an extended time to make your repayments. It’s good to read the terms carefully before signing an agreement. Ensure you are comfortable with the payment period.

You give the lender authority to sell your property if you fail to pay.

Examples of Secured Loans

  1. mortgage loan
  2. recreational vehicle loan
  3. home equity line of credit
  4. boat loan
  5. new and used auto loan

Factors to Consider Before Taking Secured/Collateral Loans

You need to think about the interest rate. Higher interest rates can make you end up paying much more in the long run. Take your time to shop around for the best rates.

Important factors to consider before borrowing include;

  • your asset to be mortgaged
  • use of finance (commercial or personal)
  • your repayment capability
  • the urgency of the purchase
  • other affordable lending options

A loan always comes with a responsibility. You need to have a clear plan of how to pay. Think seriously about the purpose of the secured loan.

When Should You Prefer a Collateral loan?

It only makes sense to take secured personal loans when rates are low. This way you get to enjoy flexible payment terms. There are some lenders who offer extended repayment options.

A fixed rate lets you manage your repayments well. You have greater savings options.

Can You Repay a Secure loan Early?

Most of the online lenders do not charge early repayment. There are other though who have varying structures. The purpose of the loan will determine this decision. A business loan may have early repayment charges.

Keep in mind unforeseen occurrence likely to happen in the future. Loss of job or accident may interfere with your payment schedule. So it is always wise to ensure the payments remain affordable in future.

However, availability of extra income to inject into the loan is always welcomed.

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