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Secured loans are a great way to finance large purchases. Compare the top lenders here.

Poll: What are your chances of being approved for a loan in 2021 compared to 2020?
Poll: What are your chances of being approved for a loan in 2021 compared to 2020?
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collateral loansIf you’re considering a loan to get a new car, home or another large purchase, most lenders will require some sort of collateral to secure the loan. This is precisely why these are called secured loans.

Secured loans online are protected by an asset that you or the lender choose, including a car, a home or even stocks and bonds. The bank or any other lender will place a lien on the asset until you pay off the loan, including any interest accrued and other fees.

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Secured Loans for Large Items

A lender needs assurance that you will pay the loan in full, especially when the loan is a large amount. Putting your home, a car or another valuable asset on the line not only ensures the lender can recoup some losses if you default, but it also will push you to find a way to repay the loan to avoid losing that asset.

If you default on a secured loan, the lender will usually foreclose or repossess the collateral and sell it at auction. In some rare cases, this sale covers the loan and all its fees. Generally, though, the borrower will still have a balance that they need to pay even after the property is sold. So, before putting up collateral for a loan, make sure you can afford to repay it, even if something extreme happens.

Typical Terms and Conditions of Secured Loans

Secured loans typically have lower rates compared to unsecured loans, and their fixed rates make payments easier to predict and afford. You know how to plan your repayments over the loan period. Secured loans also often have a higher borrowing limit.

They also have longer repayment period, allowing the borrower to stretch that large balance over many years — sometimes even over several decades.

Though all secured loans have these features, It’s best to read the terms carefully before signing an agreement. Ensure you are comfortable with the payment period and understand the ramifications should you default.

Examples of Secured Loans

  1. Mortgage
  2. Recreational vehicle loan
  3. Home equity line of credit
  4. Boat loan
  5. New or used auto loan

Factors to Consider Before Taking Out a Secured Loan

You need to think about the interest rate. Higher interest rates result in you paying much more in the long run. Take your time to shop around for the best rates.

Important factors to consider before borrowing include:

  • The asset you are mortgaging
  • Plans for the loan
  • Your ability to repay
  • The urgency of the purchase
  • Other affordable lending options

A loan always comes with a responsibility. You need to have a clear plan of how to pay. Think seriously about the purpose of the secured loan.

When Should You Consider a Secured loan?

It makes sense to take secured loans when rates are lowest, giving you the lowest possible payments and overall loan cost. There may also be the ability to negotiate the repayment terms on a secured loan, giving you more flexibility for large purchases.

Additionally, a secured loan is great for larger purchases because its fixed rate prevents any huge swings in the payment amount. This will help your budget remain static instead of constantly changing

Can You Repay a Secured Loan Early?

Most of the online lenders do not charge early repayment. There are others with varying terms, so make sure you read the terms carefully. The purpose of the loan also may will determine this — for example, a business loan may have early repayment charges.

Keep in mind unforeseen occurrence will likely occur in the future, like losing a job or an accident that interferes with your ability to make your payments. So it is always wise to ensure the payments remain affordable in future.

However, availability of extra income to inject into the loan is always welcomed.


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