Unsecured Loans

unsecured loansAre you facing an emergency situation requiring urgent financial assistance? Learn how an unsecured loan can be of help.

Unsecured loans are taken without any security against it. Lenders take a risk by offering such unsecured personal loans. They cannot take any valuable asset if you fail to pay. Lenders solely depend on your financial statements as payment guarantee.

You will also be judged on the basis of your credit score. The lender uses the following criteria to judge your creditworthiness;

  • Character
  • Capital
  • Capacity

All these simply refer to your willingness and ability to repay the loan. Other economic factors are considered before you get an unsecured loan.

Examples of Unsecured Personal Loans

  • Credit cards
  • Personal lines of credit
  • Home improvement loans
  • Student loans

These loans have little paperwork and have a short approval process. You also do not risk losing a property that you pledged as collateral. However, the loan amount is relatively small.

Unsecured loans online are best for short term emergencies. They are not a solution to serious financial troubles. They attract a higher interest rate.

How Do Unsecured Loans Compare to Other Types of Loans?

You can be approved for unsecured loans online without owning assets. Other types of loans will require you to pledge a valuable property. You can use these loans for immediate emergencies.

Payday loans have a short approval process. So you can better handle emergencies and pay on the next paycheck.

However, unsecured loans also have a downside. The repayment period is shorter compared to secured installment loans. This means you will pay higher monthly amounts. Most traditional lenders are hesitant to offer unsecured loans.

Use our loan comparison tool to compare 15 lenders. You can see immediate results by putting in the loan amount. This won’t affect your credit score.

Unsecured Loans for Bad Credit

unsecured loans for bad creditBad credit is often an undesirable situation. It often limits your access to sources of funding. With bad credit, acceptable loan options are available. However, these options may not be so attractive. All in all, you need to pick one to get back on your feet.

It is would be helpful if you talked to your lender first. Choose the best unsecured loans for bad credit with better terms. A lender should help you according to your specific needs.

There are some online lenders specializing in clients with bad credit. Most people have been turned away by traditional banks.

Using a Co-Signer

You might need a cosigner if you have bad credit and need a loan. You apply for the loan together with that person. He promises to pay in case you fail to do so. The cosigner will need to have a good credit standing.

The person takes a big risk by being a cosigner. Their borrowing ability will be limited. By pledging to pay if you fail, they are 100% responsible for the loan. The lenders will go after him if you are injured or ill. If he fails to pay, his credit will also suffer.

Your borrowing should improve your credit. Find out if the loan will be included on the major reporting agencies.

How to Find the Best Unsecured Loans

Desperation will often land you in scrupulous lenders. Remember, you have very little negotiating power with bad credit. Ensure you only deal with reputable lenders. Watch out for too good to be true offers.

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