Top Tips To Maximize Your Credit Card Rewards

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Credit cards are a great way to earn rewards and points that can help you go on that dream vacation. Every credit card comes with its own system of rewards and learning how to maximize your return when using your cards can lead to epic opportunities in the future.

While there are many different strategies to choose from when maximizing your credit card rewards, the three that we break down for you are almost always universally used. Focusing on these can really help you earn rewards to their fullest

Here are our top 3 tips:

Prioritize Certain Cards

Each card has its own set of rewards points that come with it when you use it. These can be cash back or points. While some cards come with a set amount of rewards, such as 1.5% back on all purchases, other cards come with different rewards tiers that can be maximized to your benefit.

These different tiers are often paired with different types of purchases. One card may have 1% back on all purchase, and 2% back on travel. Another card may have 2% back on gas and groceries. Using these cards at the right time, you can get 2% back on all your travel purchases and 2% on all your gas and groceries, doubling your points in each category compared to only using one card for all purchases.

Learn to Navigate Rewards Portals

Every credit card company has its own system for their rewards points. Each system is a little bit different and learning how each one works can easily help you earn some more points. Points can be redeemed for different things, such as cash back, gift cards, plane tickets, etc. Simple cash back is usually the least return for your points, often coming in at a 1:1 ratio, so it is best to use that only when cashback is needed.

However, using your points on purchases or exchanges through the travel portal will often get you more bang for your buck, with many portals giving you 1.5-2x back when exchanging points. These choices can vary from gift cards to plane tickets across the world. It all depends on the exchange, their current deals, the company partner, etc.

Learning which categories and products give you more for your points can save you more money on top of the free points you’ve already earned. These portals are also commonly partnered with other rewards portals, such as a hotel company, or plane company. If you know your exchange value on transferring points from one system to another, you could find yourself getting a rather large discount on a variety of options.

Use Specialized Cards

It seems that every company has its own branded credit card nowadays. While many of these cards don’t seem like a good deal, with many having steep interest rates, or lack of rewards points, many can be used to one’s advantage. If you are a particular user of a certain company’s products, it may be to your advantage to sign up for their credit card to get their rewards.

Take for example Company Z. If you often purchase a large amount of products or have large purchases from them, you may want to get their branded credit card. Even if the card has high interest rates and limited rewards, if you earn 5% back anytime you use the card with Company Z, you can rack up many points over time that can be used to purchase other things from their portal.

These kinds of cards are very valuable when you are a frequent user of a certain hotel chain or airline company, as those purchases are large and reoccurring. These cards may also give you access to better products, free upgrades, and other rewards. Just be sure to pay off those cards in full as they are usually not the best when it comes to interest.

Learning to use a credit card to maximize rewards is an easy way to earn free money. Everyone needs to make purchases with their life and getting rewarded to can be simple and easy. Credit cards are great tools and learning to navigate their rewards can really add up over time.

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