2 minutes has recently garnered the attention of entrepreneur and business tycoon Mr. Tim Heidecker as he reclaimed control of his wildly popular movie review show “On Cinema At The Cinema starring Tim Heidecker” from Delgado Media Holdings. Mr. Tim Heidecker leveraged the amazing loan rates, fast approval and processing time, alongside with their generous 0% APR rate to savagely rip this prized all American treasure out of the midsts of the misguided and fallacious direction the show some critics claimed was headed.

The only issue with this story is, doesn’t exist.

Or at least it doesn’t exist currently outside of this comedian and actor’s world.

Making Things Crystal Clear

Okay, all joking aside, Tim Heidecker is a personal favorite comedian of mine. I really relate to his sense of humor. However, if you happened to stumble across this article without being “in” on the joke, then we have some short explaining to do.

Tim Heidecker is a brilliant comedian and actor who has done everything from writing, producing, acting, directing, and is best known for some of his popular series like Tim and Eric Show, On Cinema at The Cinema, and his movie Decker. If you’re still not familiar with Tim Heidecker now, I highly suggest checking out some of these listed items, especially if you have a very dry sense of humor.

But What is

Funny enough, really did exist and it actually has a bit of a shocking background to it all. Why you’re most likely researching it now is because of Mr. Tim Heidecker’s aggressive advertising through his television show “On Cinema at The Cinema”. But as of today October 13th, 2019, is actually inaccessible.

The Real History of is actually currently owned and held by, a financial company that was once well known for exchanging telegrams. Today Western Union is in the business of helping consumers send money from their bank accounts in the US to major banks outside the US for no fee, and other money transferring services.

During the Dot Com Boom, Western Union was aggressively experimenting with different platforms and different brand names in order to diversify and stay competitive in an uncertain market. was one of their projects which actually allowed card-to-card money transfers.

Moneyzap had some scathing reviews back in 2000 when LA Times reported that you “should steer clear” of MoneyZap because of its open policy that would allow MoneyZap to share data like your financial status, transactions, address and other personal details that then get distributed to marketing firms, retailers, credit card issuers, brokerages, catalog companies and others.

During the early years of the modern internet (1999-2004), competitors were racing to create a system that allowed people to request money from others instantly online, much like market leader Paypal does. This was part of the vision of Western Union and a lot of other competitors and what caused this project to all be started.

Where is Today?

Outside of On Cinema at The Cinema, and fake but HILARIOUS reviews on Reddit, the website remains inaccessible. Checking domain registration still shows a holding from Western Union, so that being said it most likely is safe to assume that Western Union just decided to disable MoneyZap in order to formalize and consolidate all of their online money transfers to one website.

So, in short, it appears if you want the modern, you’re best to go to Western Union. But if you want the funny, you know where to look.


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