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store cash at home

Is It Safe to Store Money In the Bank or In The House?

Many financial advisors have promoted the idea of saving in banks. At the same time, you may feel your money is not safe there. Should you save at home? Your bed isn’t great for storing your savings. Keeping huge amounts …

net worth before retirement

Do You Know Your Net Worth Before You Save for Retirement?

As an employee, you must be focusing on your net worth before retirement. There are several reasons to assess your net worth during retirement. Understanding your net worth gives you better control of finances. You know exactly your expenditures and …

giving up expensive addictions

Is It a Good Idea to Give up Expensive Addiction?

There are many pricey addictions out there. These addictions range from shopping to getting hooked on drugs. These cost people a lot of money. Expensive addictions are not only detrimental to your well-being. They can easily damage your personal finances. …

How to Compare Mortgage Loans

How to Compare Mortgage Loans among Different Lenders

When you are considering taking out a loan, it’s important to compare your options before making a decision. Yet, comparing loans from different lenders can be complicated. Comparing mortgage loans can be particularly complex due to the fact that most …

New mexico payday loans

New Mexico Cracks Down on Payday Loans and Other Short-Term Loans

For many consumers, payday loans have become a fast and easy way to manage short-term financial emergencies. Unfortunately, many of those same consumers find themselves in a financial spiral after taking out payday loans. In response, lawmakers are now making …

3 Things to know about credit card offers

3 Things You Should Know When Accepting a New Credit Card Offer

There’s a good chance you are seeing more credit card offers than ever. With so many offers floating around, you may be wondering if now is a good time to take out a new credit card. Given the rewards being … loan comparison service

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