Alexis Húaicxin Húa
September 27, 2022


I almost lost about $225k of my inheritance funds to a self acclaimed broker I met through Telegram and promised me a 35% return on every of my investment including bonuses. I quickly invested because I was seeking financial freedom not knowing I was only trying to enrich someone else. I was denied withdrawals after I already invested demanding for more fees before I could take out my profit and my capital then I knew I’ve been cheated immediately I came online to find an expert who deals with fund retrieval then I found Hackwest{at}writeme[.]cOm who was able to get back my funds completely without asking for upfront payment, then I got to know legitimate recovery team still exist cause I’ve read reviews of the fake ones. Avoid being burnt again and get connected to the West now! The best fund recovery firm.


no downside
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