How to Save Money - 189 Clever Ways to Save Money listed the best savings tips for you. This ultimate guide about saving money includes 189 clever ways to save money. Pick your favorite saving tips from the article below and start saving money today!

How to save moneyStart Saving Money Today

No matter where we are in the financial journey, it is comforting to know that anyone can make things go in the right direction, just by implementing a few smart tricks on saving money. has prepared this checklist of 189 ways to save money. These tactics can make quite a big difference over time, if you stick to the tips which are practical in your case. Saving money can even help you get rid of burdensome loans crippling your financial freedom.

These 6 categories on money saving tips will be discussed in length

Cut Back on Housing Cost and Watch your Money Grow

Americans spend 40% of their income on mortgage costs. If you can save on housing, you will be more equipped to handle other debts.

1. Install LED bulbs in your home

If you could switch all the 60 watts bulbs with 14 watts LED bulbs, this could save you up to $40 a year on electricity bill.

2. Unplug all unused electrical devices

If these devices stay plugged in when not in use, will constantly draw a small amount of electricity which can add up quickly.

3. Refinance your mortgage

By changing the type of mortgage you have or finding a lower interest rate, you might be able to lower your monthly payments. Read more about refinancing a loan.

4. Move away from the city

Metropolitan areas have higher home prices than in suburban areas.

5. Negotiate the rent with your landlord

If you always pay on time, there could be room for negotiation with your landlord.

6. Rent out extra space on

This could be a basement, backyard or garage.

7. Buy a home with cash

You could save more than $150,000 in the interest rate that you could have paid in mortgage for many years.

8. Compare your options on insurance

There are other competitive homeowners’ insurance policies. Ensure you compare these before renewing your existing insurance policy.

9. Audit your home energy use

You may see inexpensive ways on how to reduce your home and heating cooling costs and save money.

10. Stop unwanted heat or cooling loss

Seal any holes/cracks which let warm air escape in the winter or cold air during summer time.

11. Use less water by installing low-flow showerheads.

12. Air-dry your clothes, dishes, and hair

If you need to use the dryer, ensure it has an auto sensor function to minimize longer drying episodes.

13. Check for hidden water leaks

These are often the cause of abnormally high water bills.

14. Buy smart

When purchasing large home appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens go for the most energy-efficient styles available.

15. Air conditioner maintenance

Regularly service and maintenance of your air conditioner can save you up to $65 a year.

16. Downgrade on space

Have your children share bedrooms.  You can also be a roommate if you are single.

17. Insulate your water heater

This ensures you save 4-9% of water heating cost. Wrap up your water heating tank.

18. Install a cool roof

This will reflect light and thereby cut your A/C needs.

19. Save nanny cost

Share a nanny with a neighbor to cut on babysitting costs.

20. Buy items in bulk

This will help reduce those trips to the grocery store.

21. Fight your property tax assessment

Don’t pay higher than your neighbors with similar homes. You can always appeal to your local tax authority if you feel your assessment is too high.

22. Install a low-flow showerhead

The old showerheads can put out more than 5 gallons of water per minute.  The low-flow showerhead will put out a mere 1.5 gallon of water.

23. Hand wash large dishes

Large pots and pans take up a lot of space on the dishwasher. If you hand wash these you will use the dishwasher less often.

24. Cook strategically

Use your toaster instead of the oven if you are cooking something small.  Use the microwave to heat food and save energy.

25. Insulate outlets and light switches

When these are on the outside walls, they can be a source of air leaks. Go for inexpensive seals found at hardware stores.

26. Wash your clothes in cold water

As long as there are no oily stains, cold water is just fine. Heating water takes up to 90% of the energy use at home.

27. Don’t buy pre-prepared foods

Cooking your own freshly prepared meal is cheaper.

28. Grow your own herbs

Your kitchen garden saves you a lot.

29. Avoid dry clean only items

You need to have the liberty to wash clothes at home. Dry cleaning bills can add up quickly.

30. Don’t buy cheap clothes for the sake of cheap

Quality matters over price. A cheap shirt that will wear out quickly is a poor bargain.

31. Designate a ‘no spend day’

Have one day in a week to spend with family.  There should be absolutely no buying on this day.  Just a day of fun activities.

Amazing Money Saving Tips on Healthcare to Give You Peace of Mind

The rising cost of HealthCare is causing many people to feel stressed about their finances.  However, gaining control over your health is within reach.

Here a few expert ideas on tips for saving money on healthcare:

32. Sign up for a Health Savings Account

This is a great money saving tip as it can lower medical care cost by one-third.

33. Be prepared

Set up a medical emergency fund to cater for unexpected emergencies.

34. Pay cash for medications

This is a clever way to save money. Some medications are cheaper when you don’t go through insurance.

35. Consider buying generic drugs

The FDA confirms they work the same way as brand-name drugs but cost 30%to 80% less.

36. Ask for help

Check with the manufacturer of your medicine to see if there are any tips for saving money by receiving financial assistance.

37. Pick the right insurance policy

A fair plan includes your doctors, medications, and care for chronic conditions.

38. Check for errors

Sometimes minor errors on bills and insurance company statements may cause a significant rise on bills.

39. Don’t miss free screenings

Take advantage of free community health screenings for HIV, Diabetes, and high blood pressure and save money.

40. Negotiate

When facing huge hospital bill, negotiate a better deal. This is one of the smart money saving tips. You may either receive a discount on cash fee or a payment plan.

41. Get regular checkups

These are mostly covered by insurance and can help a doctor detect health problems early.

42. Watch out

Be careful of injuries by wearing a helmet. This is a saving tip as most injuries are a result of falls.

43. Maintain cleanliness

Encourage your family members to always wash hands with soap and water. Proper hygiene saves money in the long run.

44. Save on supplements

Most of them do not have enough data to support their effectiveness.

45. Avoid the ER

Substituting the emergency room with your regular doctor will cost you more.

46. Be upfront about finances with your doctor

Don’t be embarrassed to tell him you are short on cash. He will suggest ways on how to save money.

47. Unique services

Look for ways to save money through special services. These may be available to asthma or allergy patients.

48. Compare costs for lab tests

Other facilities will not charge you for the procedure.

49. Visit a manufacture’s website

Checking if they offer a coupon or a gift card is one of the ways to save money.

50. Take a walk and exercise

One of the saving tips on healthcare is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Get enough rest and eat well.

51. Inquire about your group coverage insurance

This might be a cheaper version that a coverage for each individual.

52. Sign up for a health plan that covers travel insurance

This gives you peace of mind as you travel abroad.

53. Take precautions

Be careful before using power tools, ladders, and dangerous chemicals.

54. Use the internet thoughtfully for self-diagnosis

Just the flu or simple stomach ache? Then you can safely skip medical care.

55. Check out non-insurance options

Be on the lookout for discount health plans offered by banks to customers or employers to employees.   These may offer 20%-60% savings on health services.

56. Go to a local dental school

Such schools offer services at a fraction of what you would pay at a practice. The tools and equipment are up to date.

57. Save on eyeglasses

If you need to change eyeglasses, keep the frames in good condition.  Frames may account for almost half of the total price of eyeglasses.  Skip the designer brands.

58. Join a discount club

Plans like AmeriPlan allows participants to give members up to 60% discount.  The monthly membership fee ranges from $12-$30.

59. Have a safety net

When switching jobs, ask whether you can extend your policy from an old employer.  These policies are inexpensive.

60. Don’t take no for an answer

If your insurance company declines to pay for a service, appeal the decision. If you win you can save thousands of dollars.

61. Prevent tooth traumas

Ensure your kids get twice yearly checkups from the dentist. Preventive care helps avoid costly treatments in the future.

Save Money with Cheaper Celebrations for Your Loved Ones

Everyone enjoys having fun with family and friends. Yet, with the hard economic times, it is easy to stretch beyond our limits. Spending too much money does not guarantee a good time.  Consider these frugal saving tips for your celebrations:

62. Go for handmade stuff for your kids

Giving your kids a birthday treat does not need to cost you an arm and a leg.  Craft little small presents and bake your own cake.

63. Go for breakfast instead of dinner

Most restaurants have cheaper breakfast courses than dinner dates. It’s also a nice way to start off your day.

64. Opt for picnic lunches on your anniversary

You can carry your own packed lunch and save money. This is a perfect time to enjoy the scenery at your favorite spot. It could be at the beach, mountain or park.

65. Buy reusable Easter baskets

These can be used for up to 6 years. They are sturdy so are a great saving tip. You will not have to buy a different basket every year.

66. Get creative with birthday gifts

Did you know that you don’t have to spend a dime for a birthday gift? Think of surprising your loved one with a drive around town.  Or go for a movie or a picnic.

67. Go for free party decorations

Create your own decorations. Print out free online templates. There are great free banners online on various websites.

68. Cut back on guests at weddings

It is not necessary to invite everyone to your wedding. A small gathering of a few select people is a manageable thing.

69. Eat at home

Dinner dates at restaurants can be quite expensive.  Have a romantic dinner at home and watch your favorite movie.

70. Make homemade Christmas gifts

You don’t have to be a gifted craftsman. You can get inspiration from old and unused clothes to craft gifts for loved ones.

71. Set up a budget and stick to it

Think of how many guests you plan to entertain.  Stick to your budget and find ways to save money on inexpensive decorations.

72. Get a second-hand ring for your wedding

Go for something vintage instead of spending so much on your wedding ring. You can also get a ring from a well-off family member.

73. Pick an off-season day for your wedding

The venue of your wedding can cause a dent on your finances.   Host the wedding day on Friday or Sunday and slash the reception cost.

74. Keep your Easter meal simple

Focus on the main dish with a fruit, dessert, and a veggie.  Look for how to save money by sharing the expense with friends and family.

75. Don’t compete with other parents for birthdays

Competing with other parents will make you spend beyond your means.  You do not need to throw an expensive party just to fit in.

76. Use technology

If you will need to drive long distances for a holiday trip, use apps to help you save money on gas.

77. Recycle

Find items you already have in your home to use in parties and cookouts.

78. Go for dollar store decorations

There are so many gems you can find at discount stores.  This saving tip will ensure you decorate your venue without spending a fortune.

79. Sign up for cash back apps

Websites that allow you to sign up for cash backs deals are worth checking out.  You get a certain percentage off the price just by spending money at these retailers.

80. Shop secondhand

This frugal tip may not be everyone’s favorite but it can save you money. Shop from thrift stores or garage sales.

81. Throw your own party

Hosting your own party at home can is a bright way of how to save money.  Instead of going to a different venue where travel costs incurred.

82. Buy party supplies in bulk

This helps you cut costs on celebrations. You often get discounts by buying in bulk.

83. Avoid the bar

This way you get to avoid admission fees as well as drinks.  Choose a free location like a friend’s house.

84. Do your research

Find more about a certain restaurant before going to celebrate with friends.  Go for ones which offer a flat fee for desserts and drinks.

85. Choose cheaper traditions

Holiday travel or extravagant gifts can overwhelm your budget plans. Look for cheaper celebrations like reading Christmas stories or watching a movie at home.

86. Embrace potluck

Tell people you will make the main dish but welcome help on appetizers, drinks, etc.  Text everyone invited their assignments.

87. Know your limits

After you have shopped for everything for your celebration, know when to stop.  Don’t just enter a mall to without a specific thing in mind to buy.

88. Organize a neighborhood swap meeting

You call neighbors with kids of the same age. Everyone comes with used toys, gifts and cards.

89. Stick to water

Most restaurants mark up the cost of alcohol by three to five times. Stick to water and avoid the beverages.

Smart Ways to Cut Cost on Phones, TV and Internet

In this digital era, communication has been sped up through the use of phones and internet. Find ways on how to save money on these tools of communication and entertainment:

90. Bundle up

It will cost you about $100 a month to get cable TV, long distance telephone service, and high-speed internet service.  Bundling up all these services is cheaper than paying separately.

91. Choose Internet calls over Phone Company

A great saving tip is to use providers such as Skype to call instead of a phone company.  Consider low-cost internet phone services such as Vonage.

92. Use a prepaid plan

It would cost you averagely $60 a month as a wireless phone user. Prepaid plans may cost you as little as $20.

93. Negotiate a lower rate

You can save money by haggling a better deal with your internet or cable providers.

94. Reduce what you actually need

Skip the full package from a provider and purchase an indoor TV antenna for your own cable.  This way you only get to watch the main network television.   Major TV channels cost under $10 a month.

95. Cut TV altogether

Figure out ways to save money by only choosing your favorite shows without a cable package.  Your options include Roku, Apple TV, Hulu, Xbox.

96. Go for Netflix

Netflix is only $8-$12 a month. You get to watch the latest series plus a thousand movies.

97. Use the internet sparingly

Ask yourself if you really need to pay for the most internet bandwidth.  If you work from home, you need it. But not if you casually browse for a few hours a day. ‘

98. Switch providers

You might find a provider with low first-time-customer rates. Visit their website or simply ask.

99. Switch your TV to a tablet

One of the great tips for saving money is to stream TV using your table. This way you do not have to pay for a full cable package.

100. Ditch your landline

You already have a cell phone plan. A landline is an extra bill to pay.

101. Buy your own router

Your own router will save you the cost of paying $10-$12 a month for a router that comes along with most internet plans. However, you may have to install it yourself.

102. Check for small providers

Look out for small companies which bring low-cost fiber internet to the public.  Small service providers have faster speeds and better customer care.

103. Prepay your cell phone

Prepaid plans charge 25 cents a minute or less.

104. Match your deal to your needs

Do not pay for data you don’t use.  Ask your provider on how much exactly you use.

105. Avoid peak calling times

Check for those times when call charges are high. Save money by avoiding those times.

106. Get a calling card

Calling cards are cheaper to make long distance calls.  If you have a roommate, this is a great saving tip.

107. Always be on the lookout for discounts

Mobile service providers often have discounts, especially during the festive season.  Such news may sometimes not reach you on time.

108. Get free phone call service

Apps like TextNow allows offers free unlimited texting in North America.  You also get to enjoy low-cost long distance calling.

109. Share your Netflix password

The standard plan allows watching two screens at the same time. A premium plan allows watching four screens at the same time.

110. Connect your laptop to your TV

A cool tip for saving money which allows you to watch online content on TV. Use an HDML cable which cost around $20.

111. Shop around for TV and internet

Small providers offer internet, TV and home phone services at competitive prices.

112. Go for cancellation department

With the stiff competition, no provider would want to watch you go. Best deals come from this department.

113. Be nice

Negotiating a deal might be a frustrating experience but vent in your anger. If you are courteous, the reps will be ready to offer a better deal.

114. Go to the library

Your local library has free entertainment. All you need is a card and enjoy movies, books, and magazines.

115. Get an unadvertised theater ticket discount

Call your nearby theater to find more about discounts. There are rushed discounts for unsold seats before a show begins.

Save Money on Pet Expenses As You Keep These Home Companions

Are you a pet lover? Pet related cost like veterinary, grooming, and food may mess up your family’s budget. Discover these great saving tips on saving on pet care tips.

116. Keep your pet fit

A pet that is used to walks and simple exercise is at less risk of developing obesity or wear and tear on joints.  Don’t let your pet eat too much and save on food and medical bills.

117. Give your pet quality food

You do not need to buy the most expensive brand. Give your pet quality food to avoid GI upset and other problems.

118. Shop around for medications

Look for ways to save money by asking for written prescriptions from your vet. This will allow you to compare prices.  You might find a less expensive substitute.

119. Banish the bling

Your pet may do not notice the expensive jewelry you put on his collar. Cut down on the expensive bracelet or vest during walks.

120. Talk to your vet

Your vet may know tips on saving money without compromising your pets’ health.  They also pay bills and understand the importance of cutting cost.

121. Avoid a pet sitter

You can talk to your friends or neighbors. You might be surprised how they might enjoy walking your pooch a few times a week. In exchange, you can offer a treat to a local restaurant.

122. Learn how to trim your pet’s nails

Your vet may show you how to do it yourself.  Or you may watch a YouTube video. Invest in good quality trimmers.

123. Groom your pet less often

Grooming a pet may cost you so much if done so often. Limit such occasions.

124. Check for extras before buying kennels

Kennel prices may vary greatly depending on boarding extras. These features may not be so necessary to accommodate your pet. Look for a simple kennel.

125. Opt for three-year vaccinations

This may be cheaper vaccination rather than occasional vaccines. However, check with your vet first.

126. Don’t skimp on regular checkups

Preventive care on your pet may save on sick pet care in the long run.  Last minute rush to the vet may result in higher cost.

127. Avoid shortcuts by administering human drugs

Pets are unique and human drugs like ibuprofen may result in major complications. You will have to spend more to correct the situation.

128. Adopt a pet

Dog shelters are great places to adopt instead of buying. A bulldog puppy could be sold at $800. An adopted one costs a mere $45.

129. Buy pet’s food online

Check on the websites of the food company. They have various coupons and offers.

130. Compare vet prices

Avoid the habit of just going to the nearest vet. Compare prices. The price range in the visit fees varies greatly.

131. Craft DIY toys

Pet stores have ridiculously expensive toys. Look for things in your house that you can turn into toys.

132. Download the app

There is an app called Pet Care Services. It shows you all the discounted vet stores nearby.

133. Think twice about pet insurance

Most insurance policies require you to pay high premiums for pets at higher risk for health issues. Open a savings account for pets’ emergency needs.

134. Split the cost of food

Buy food in bulk and split the cost with a friend.

135. Sign up for manufacturer’s newsletter

This way you discover saving tips on special offers and coupons.

136. Ask the vet for free samples

A vet may offer sample products or coupons.  Take advantage of these.

137. Train your pet

Learn to train you to own a pet and save money on training cost.

138. Heartworm control

The cost of heartworm prevention is $15 per month.   The cost of treating heartworms starts at $400.  Prevention is better.

139. Take good dental care of your pet

Brushing your pet’s teeth regularly can prevent tartar and plaque. Dental treatments can cost $1000 and upwards.

140. Check for state and federal programs

There are various national programs that offer financial assistance to needy pet owners. You may get funds for treatment and spraying cost.

141. Choose a low maintenance breed

Some breeds are more prone to disease and cost more.  Choose a breed with less of such issues.

142. Use a credit card

Credit cards for pet purchase enable you to be paid back some of your expenses on pets. Choose a general purpose cash back credit card.

143. Sign up for loyalty programs

You may be rewarded for being a loyal customer.  Find about such programs at your regular pet food store.

144. Take your own photos

If you fancy a great pet portrait, take your won photos instead of hiring a photographer. With some practice, you can make it.

145. Limit the number of pets you keep

The fewer pets you keep, the less money you will spend.  Only keep pets you are comfortable taking care of.

Enjoy Your Holiday and Travel with These Genius Saving Tips

You need to explore the world or just visit a few friends.  But you do not need to spend an arm and a leg to do so. Take a close look at these tips for saving money as you travel or while on holiday:

146. Choose cheaper flights

When you travel at cheaper times you can save money on flights. Avoid the weekends.

147. Sign up for Sky scanner’s free price alerts

The price of flight varies depending on the month.  The free price alerts will help you identify the cheapest days of the week to fly.

148. Travel in low season

Don’t go for holiday trips during Christmas or such high peak seasons.  Your flights will be more crowded.

149. Fly indirect

A direct flight will cost you much more than flying indirect. Consider a flight with a stop-over.

150. Find an alternative airport

It may be cheaper to fly from an airport slightly farther away from your home.

151. Bring your own food on board

As long as the foods are not liquid, you can bring along your own snacks.

152. Beat baggage fees

Don’t cram extra baggage on your suitcase. Rather, wear a luggage jacket and carry a good hand luggage bag.

153. Home swaps

This is a cool saving tip as you avoid hotel fees.  You will still get to enjoy home comforts away from home.

154. Try a private room

Various sites like AirBnB allow people to rent out their apartments, gardens, etc. Save money by looking for a private room nearby in such websites.

155. Download travel apps

There are various apps where you can find cheap travel guides. These apps can prove to be a real saving buddy.

156. Save on foreign currency exchange

Get your currency before you reach the airport. This way you secure the best rate.

157. Get cheaper travel insurance

Annual multi-trip insurance is cheaper than buying insurance for a single trip.

158. Go for countries with a low-cost holiday

There are low-cost destinations where you can enjoy sunny beaches and metropolitan cities. These include Cambodia and Greece.

159. Save up a travel savings account

Keep a savings account where you get to save funds for travel purpose.

160. Be flexible with your plans

Always be flexible about your travel plans. Don’t choose a single location but have about two in mind.

161. Research museum pricing

There are various museums which offer free or discounted student pricing.  You can find ways to save money by taking advantage of cheaper tickets for young adults.

162. Catch public transportation

It is always wise to do as the Romans when in a foreign town. Public transportation saves you money and also helps you get personal with the people.

163. Have a picnic

Pick up veggies and fruits in the city you are visiting. A picnic is much cheaper than eating out at a restaurant.

164. Offer language services in non-English speaking countries

You may have noticed badly misspelled menus in such places. Offer help in exchange for a free meal.

165. Ask the locals for prices

There is no need to shy about asking about pricing of certain things. Most of the locals will be ready to provide for such information.

166. Keep an eye on fares after you book

You can still change or cancel your flights within 24 hours.  If you find a better deal, you can save money with no penalty.

167. Get a travel rewards card

You can earn your $40,000 bonus miles after spending $3000. A good card will have no transaction fees.

168. Book directly through a hotel’s website

Most travel sites offer a discount for online booking. The lower rates are prepaid and non-refundable.

169. Seek all inclusive deals

It is better to pay just once for your whole vacation. This is a saving tip especially if you are traveling with children.

170. Use a traveling agent

A good cruise agent will help you avoid costly bookings.  Good for first timers.

171. Create a budget

Create a written plan of how you intend to spend on vacation.  Include cash to be spent on emergencies.

172. Travel overnight

If you love your sleep, travel overnight and save money on hotel cost.   Use a ferry or trains as these are these are usually sold at bargain prices.

173. Stay by the beach

Book your villa near the beach. You can swim and stay in a less expensive accommodation.

174. Check Wi-Fi cost

Stay in a hotel with free Wi-Fi coverage.  Switch hotels if your current one makes charges.

175. Hire a diesel car

Cars with diesel engines use less fuel.  This translates to bigger savings as you move around.

176. Use Google flights

You can book some cheap itineraries that are not available on the airline’s website. The map tool shows you countless fares around the world.

177. Carpool

The best way to save on fuel cost is to carpool. If you are going to the same destination with other people, carpool and save money.

178. Refinance your car loan

If the rates are better than the time you purchased your car, look for a better deal. Check auto loan rates.

179. Invest in car maintenance

Keeping your car in good shape will save money in the long run. Keep the engines tuned and tires inflated.

The Final Word

The secret to financial success is being able to cut down on unnecessary expenses. This puts you in a position to use money in other worthwhile investment. Even if you are in a financial mess, you can still make things go in the right direction.

Looking for ways to save money helps you slowly get rid of debt and take control of your life. Here are some general saving tips to wind up:

  1. Repair your clothes instead of tossing it
  2. Don’t spend so much on entertaining children
  3. Have a monthly budget and stick to it
  4. Stop smoking
  5. Record your expenses
  6. Decide your priorities
  7. Delay spending
  8. Start saving for you retirement
  9. Cook at home
  10. Walk more

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