Top Ten Stocks to Buy in 2019 and Why

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The first five on our list are large, powerful and well-known. The benefits of investing in such companies are that they have a long traceable history, proofing the validity of your investment.

These companies trade and are used around the globe, leaving their stocks less volatile than just the U.S. economy.

The last five on our list are lesser known companies or are smaller on a world-wide scale. The benefits of investing in these types of stocks are the potential earnings. What if you had invested in Netflix or Facebook when it was trading at $2?

They call these stocks “undiscovered” or small stocks that are coming of age. They tend to benefit more from the shifts in policy and geopolitical mood of the U.S.

Another benefit is that they have boosted earnings due to tax bills being lower. If you are a patriot at heart and don’t want to spend your money on foreign investments, invest in a smaller U.S. up and coming stock and help boost the economy.

Hopefully you hit the jackpot, or in this case, the next Amazon. But in any case, you will be better insulated from current international trade conflicts and tariffs.


While Facebook has been a well known and well-used website for years, it seems the company is still hot. They are ever increasing their portfolio with new content such as Instagram and WhatsApp, totaling 66 acquisitions.

Right before hitting $210 per share in July 2018, the stock has been slowly declining. Oddly enough this ever-growing company can lose $70 per share and not many people blink an eye.

Instead, this is foreseen as a good time to buy low, with intentions of selling high. For this long-term power-house called Facebook, others would advise to buy low and keep.


This is a steady stock that isn’t going anywhere. This soft drink mega-company is popular across the world and popular with the world’s best-known investor Warren Buffett, who’s third largest stock investment is Coca-Cola.

Third largest investment, in this case, is worth about $16.7 billion. With 400,000,000 shares and 9.4% stake in the company, $15.4 billion of his $16.7 billion is profit. While most stocks dropped in October of 2018, Coca-Cola did not feel the economies wave, showing its steadiness and world value.

The Coca-Cola company’s portfolio boasts many successful brands, such as; Vitamin Water, Sprite, Powerade, Minute Maid, Dasani Water, Fanta, and Smart Water…. And more.

As long as humans are drinking liquid, there will be Coca-Cola.


An already popular café stock might leave you thinking it can’t go much higher in stock price, but it seems this popular coffee joint has only been the tip of the iceberg since launching in Asia.

With local coffee shops in the United States and globally, 3,000 of those are in China alone. At this current rate, Starbucks is opening one location every 15 hours.

You read that right – a new Starbucks location is opening every 15 hours in China. Why not get on that bandwagon and sip your coffee all the way to Shanghai.


Disney is on the move again after a three-year standstill. This could be short-term movement and not take off as predicted by some, but then again it could and that’s the beauty of playing the stock market.

Disney stock includes Fox brands and ESPN and has kept its leverage ratio below 1.0 debt/Ebitda. After all, Disney investors didn’t lose money over the past three years, so here is one reason to reconsider Disney for every year that Disney didn’t increase in stock value.

Decide for yourself if it holds enough value to reconsider Disney. For the current stock owners and Disney optimists, they believe.

  • Upcoming Money-makers

In the land of Blockbusters, Disney has a loaded cast for the sequels of Frozen, Star Wars, X-Men, Deadpool, and Fantastic Four.

  • Disney+

By the end of 2019, Disney will launch its direct-to-consumer streaming service. This exclusive new family program will include the classics from their archives as well as Star Wars and any Pixar.

  • HULU

This well-known streaming company will soon be 60% owned by Disney. They will increase the adult-focused content of Disney, Fox brands, and ESPN sports.


Still a relatively unknown name, Arista has been making a wave in the tech market since it hit the market mid-2014.

The company is a supplier of cloud networking, which is not a new concept, but their servers are quicker and better than the already known server Cisco (CSCO) or other cloud networking companies.

The number of server shipments on the telecom service providers and cloud is surpassing existing enterprises and on-premise networks and only has projections of continuing.

This Silicone Valley startup with a billionaire businesswoman CEO is generally considered the market incumbent and was recently on the Fortune Magazine Top 10 fastest growing companies.


Women’s fashion is never going out of style, and this red-hot personal stylist company is already well over a million in revenue. In an effort to aid the busy consumer, they have successfully built an online-only company that has beat expectations and analysts predictions across the board.

Stitch Fix said its active clients grew 22 % to 2.9 million active clients in one quarter. The company reported $366 million versus the $358 million expected by analysts.

Check it out, you may buy some clothes while you’re at it.


Okta is an identity management company that you may already be using daily without knowing the name. Many companies use Okta’s services when employees log on each morning.

They have addressed the problem of remembering which password is for what website by helping companies manage their employees’ passwords. Its cloud software provides a “single sign-on” experience that allows instant access to all apps.

As a new company, its continual increase in stock shows promising potential.


The healthcare mega company that operates over 450 nursing homes and assisted senior living communities boasts a YTD return of +214 %.

That is more than enough reason to invest in this cross-country healthcare company. If you are looking for more reasons, Genesis Healthcare also supplies specialized care through subsidiaries.

They provide rehabilitation and therapy to about 1,700 health care providers and are growing past 80,000 employees.


Workday, Inc. is an on‑demand financial management and human capital management software vendor. With a $31 billion market cap, it’s starting to look like the enterprise software version of Amazon. But Workday thinks it is just getting started.

In August 2018 the company acquired Adaptive Insights to build out its financial planning capabilities, hoping to add billions to its addressable market. After low fiscal Q2 earnings and some critics saying Workday is never going to be as famous as Amazon, or as large – the story here still looks attractive.

If its strategy works, it will be as important to, and as embedded with, its corporate customers as Amazon is with its consumers.


Twilio is another cloud-driven communication platform. This time it is focusing on the users’ communication through apps we use each day. The technology allows app users to make and receive phone calls and texts inside the apps.

This saves time and effort and consumers are all about that. Because of Twilio, an Uber driver can let you know their name and number and how far they are from your pickup spot.

The universal WhatsApp is another example that utilizes Twilio’s services, and the app demand is evergrowing.

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