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Overview - 5KFunds

5KFunds is a well-establish lending marketplace, offering free loan comparisons from their 100+ approved lenders. Their recipe for success is to offer high quality loan products and focus on underserved consumers — without minimum credit score requirements. Over time, they have proven to be one of the most popular lending marketplaces in the states where they do business.

They were founded in December 2015 and operate under Sincerely, LLC. Their business address is located in Boca Raton, Florida, but their services are available online in multiple other states across the nation.

Our Review of 5KFunds


Our general opinion of 5KFunds is a positive one. Despite there being a few mixed reviews out there, in our experience these had to do with lenders on the 5KFunds platform as opposed to issues with 5KFunds themselves. Whenever an issue was brought to their attention, 5KFunds addressed it directly when it had to do with their website and services.


Our experience with their Support team was an okay one. They can be reached via email, though they do not have an online chat feature, or a toll-free help line for assisting their customers. We sent them an email and were connected with a team member who was able to help us with basic questions about the application process and website.


The 5KFunds website is a simply designed gateway, geared towards gathering information quickly so they can provide loan offers from their queue of approved lenders. We love the functionality and layout because it made for a smooth application process. It took us less than 5 minutes to fill out the application from beginning to end. They do a particularly good job of laying out the terms and conditions, and even answer some of their most frequently asked loan questions.

Does Financer.com recommend 5KFunds?

Yes, we recommend 5KFunds, especially if you've had credit challenges in the past. It's no surprise, this is one of the top loan connection companies we have reviewed. Their site and application process are streamlined and simple, they offer loan products from over 100 approved lenders, and they are committed to providing loan options regardless of credit scores.

Why Customers Choose 5KFunds

5KFunds offers payday loans, installment loans, and lines of credit to consumers who are typically underserved at traditional financial institutions. Below we have listed just a few of the many advantages of choosing 5KFunds for your borrowing needs:

  • Broad Loan Range:$1,000 to $35,000 depending on individual lenders on the platform. Borrowing is fast and easy, amount depends on your state.
  • No Fees: 5KFunds does not charge any fees, however individual lenders may have their own origination and application fees.
  • Different Repayment Options: 61 day minimum repayment term and a 72 month maximum repayment term.
  • Focus on Data Security: All of your personal information is encrypted and 5KFunds takes your privacy seriously.

Read more about their loan products here.


Want to learn more?

Learn more about 5KFunds by visiting their official website below:


Reviews from customers

August 16, 2018
 Everything about the experience with 5KFunds was great. The site was very clearm and thus made the application process quite simple. I was able to provide my information and got ac cepted by a lender very quickly. I would absolutely use 5KFunds for any future lending needs. 
May 12, 2019
Josh A
September 10, 2019
 got a loan right away
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Reviews - Read Customer Reviews of 5KFunds

  1.  All of these reviews here are 100% fake.
     Terrible website! Give my email to numerous of irrelevant spam websites. Instead of actually helping you finding the right financial option, they let advertisers and spam companies contact you nonstop. Never touch this one AGAIN!!!
  2.  yeah they can do many more things to improve...
  3.  Looks awesome
     Did not fine any
  4.  5K Funds really helped out! Fast, accurate and great interest rate.
     There was nothing bad! Fast and super easy
  5.   Julie Ray rated 5KFunds 5.0/5.0
  6.  I really loved the service from 5K Funds. They provide loan very easily in less amount of time. I recommend them to everyone
  7.  Fantastic customer service, very efficient and kind.
     Ease of use.
  8.  Great support service really nice
  9.  The website is very customer- friendly and overall great to use, i haven't asked for a loan myself but seems really legit and simple. Would recommend.
     free money haha (i'm joking, the rent service is actually pretty neat)
  10.  Friend took a personal loan and he was real happy and so was i with the experience.
     Nothing really
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