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We help you compare financial services like payday loans, personal loans, car loans, mortgages, credit cards, savings accounts, insurance, and more.
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Financial comparison services

We offer comparisons for many financial offerings, including savings accounts, credit cards, and personal loans. Before you use our services, we need to fill you in on three important details:
Reference-only Information

Reference-only Information

We work hard to keep our comparisons relevant and up to date. Each comparison is an indication only and cannot be guaranteed. Loan costs and available loan amounts will depend on your credit profile and your state of residency. Always confirm the information from the lender before applying for a loan. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the loan amounts, rates, or any specific requirements, for you individually.



We work with several third-party lenders and advertisers. We receive a commission from some of the offers and products presented on Financer.com. We always rank products based on costs in our comparisons – not how profitable they are to us. While we may highlight sponsored offers in the search results, the order is not affected by this.

Financer Team

Financer Team

The team behind Financer.com has years of experience in building better comparison services. We are passionate about helping you make better financial decisions and always encourage you to compare the loan costs before applying for one.

Comparison made easier

Through our comparisons, we assist people all around the world to make better financial choices. Financer.com collects data from banks, lenders, and other financial companies. We compare their lending rates for you, making finding the best lending option easier than ever.

Comparison made easier

Trusted reviews and ratings

If you are looking for unbiased reviews, transparent ratings, and real-life opinions on financial products, then Financer.com is the place to be. We've connected millions of consumers with the right financial company for them and hopefully made the process a little less scary and more transparent along the way.

Trusted reviews and ratings

Your opinion matters

If you're visiting our site to write a review, we're grateful for your valuable contribution to our vibrant community. If you're looking for the right financial service, do so with confidence, knowing that we carefully screen each review to ensure it's a real review written by an actual consumer. Your voice is more powerful than ever!

Your opinion matters Your opinion matters

Honest comparison results

The results in our comparisons can be sorted by user reviews or by the lowest cost. We also include companies that are not affiliated with us (we do not get any profit from them) if deemed worthy. In other words, we provide accurate, fair, and extensive comparisons. Which is what sets us apart from our competitors.

Honest comparison results Honest comparison results

Meet the team

Meet the people who've helped build Financer.com into the fastest growing financial information site worldwide. Our innovative team has years of experience in finance, marketing, product management, engineering, I.T, investment, and content management. Their expertise has helped build global trust within each finance market, allowing us to grow at a staggering pace.


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