About Financer.com

Learn how we globally assist people to make better financial decisions every day.

Financer.com is a global price comparison service focusing on financial products. We compare a multiple of different products within many financial areas such as loans, saving accounts, credit cards, insurances, crypto currencies and more.

Financer.com was a man one operation when it first opened up in Sweden in March 2015. Today we’re a team of 21 people and active in 16 different markets.

Why many choose Financer.com

We assist people all around the world to make better financial choices through our comparisons. Financer.com collects data from banks, lenders and other financial companies and compares those in a format that’s easy for the visitor to overview.

At Financer, the visitor has been put at first hand. There’s dozens of reasons why people choose Financer.com, but some things that makes us stand out:

1. Fair comparisons

The sorting which we use in ours comparisons differs slightly from many competitors. The results in our comparisons are ranked either by user reviews, or by the lowest cost product.

2. Extensive comparisons

We have included companies (if deemed worthy) in our comparisons that we do not have a partnership with. In other words, we sacrifice a part of our revenue to provide a comparison that’s more accurate and have the best options of the market, regardless if we get paid for those or not.

3. Philantrophical comparisons

In multiple of our markets, we’re giving away a piece of our revenue to charity organizations for each visitor that takes a loan, applies for a credit card or open a saving account.

Our goals

  • Make it simple for people to find the best choice. Reduce complexity and decision fatigue.
  • Always be transparent in our partnerships and give a full overview of the alternatives.
  • Be the biggest finance comparison in the world, both market-wise and revenue-wise.