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Featured Image offers a unique work environment for people who aspire for something different.

Join our location independent team of experts and be a part of one of the leading financial comparison services in the world!

Building a career at will look quite different from most companies. Ever since the establishment of the company, we have made it an important point to really stick out.

Not for the sake of being different, but because we want our people to thrive.

Work environment

We understand that when people are happier in the work place, they tend to generate more value – and thus create more revenue for the company.

And everyone has more fun doing it. A win for everybody.

We share the profits with our team and everyone gets a taste of the value they create with

Because of this, our payment model look a bit difference. We pay our people through performance based incentives. Milestones, loyalty bonuses, profit share and company goals.

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We are always seeking for talent. If you’re the right person, we have the right work opportunity.

Apply here. Be sure to know what we do and who we are first. We tend to appreciate when people are well researched.

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