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ABOC Review

Update: Amalgamated Bank of Chicago and Amalgamated Bank are joining forces.

About ABOC

The Amalgamated Bank of Chicago (ABOC) has been offering commercial and personal banking services for almost 100 years.

They are dedicated to helping Americans with a range of banking needs. ABOC are set apart by their ability to tailor their offerings to the individual.

They offer a range of services from large commercial lending, to small personal loans. Other services include savings and checking accounts, credit cards, cash management, and trust services.

In 1922 the Amalgamated Clothing Workers Union founded the Amalgamated Bank of Chicago to serve the financial needs of working people.

They are one of only a handful of banks left that hold a significant amount of union ownership. They pride themselves in offering excellent financial services for the working American.

The Amalgamated Bank of Chicago developed and continues to run a Financial Learning Center.

The center, which is an interactive online learning system aimed and educating its customers on money matters.


The ABOC Credit Card

The ABOC Platinum Rewards Mastercard® Credit Card is one of their many impressive offerings.

With 0% introductory APRs on purchases in the first 12 months and $0 annual fees, this credit card is a contender when looking for a new credit card.

Read more about credit cards here.

Our Review of Amalgamated Bank of Chicago


  • Only two locations

  • Only excellent credit scores approved

Our opinion of ABOC as a bank is positive. Their financial offerings are clear and easy to access. They have a personal feel to the way that they communicate and tailor their offerings to the individual.

ABOC offers multiple savings account options along with IRAs and personal money markets, which offer competitive interest rates.

Lending for a new home or vehicle is easy with ABOC. They will tailor their mortgages to suit individual needs.

Their personal loan options range anywhere from floating and fixed mortgages to HELOCs and auto loans.


Amalgamated Bank of Chicago has been offering its financial services for almost 100 years. They have two locations in Chicago where customers can open accounts, meet with personal bankers, and apply for loans.

While there are some mixed reviews on their customer services, for the most part, their service is reasonable.

Website and Functionality

From customer feedback and our experience, we have found the ABOC website service to be easy to use. Lending applications are made through a personal banker; however, their credit cards can be applied online.

The application process is fast. It will take less than 10 minutes to process. Their login facilities are straightforward and easy to navigate.


Does Financer.com recommend Amalgamated Bank of Chicago?

Yes, our experience with the bank has been a great one. They offer competitive lending services and exceptional credit card options such as their ABOC Platinum Rewards Mastercard® Credit Card. That offers 0% introductory APRs on purchases for 12 months and $0 annual fees.

The financial learning center is a beneficial resource that helps its customers become financially competent.


What is the Amalgamated Bank login?

You can find the Amalgamated Bank login at https://www.amalgamatedbank.com.

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