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Overview - Jora Credit

Getting a loan doesn’t have to be a complicated process nowadays. Many times it feels like getting a loan is a chore. However, this isn’t the case with Jora Credit. Using their online site, users can find a loan within a day that fits what they need.

With competitive rates and an easy process, Jora Credit may be your solution to finding a loan that suits you.

Let’s break it all down for you.

Jora Credit Services

Jora Credit is an online based lender who issues installment loans. This allows a borrower to have set payments of over a period of time. This is different from a payday loan, which usually requires a payment after you are paid.

Jora has different options for installment loans, with first time Jora users having the ability to borrow $500 – $2600. These loans are payed back on a bi-monthly or monthly schedule. Jora Credit is available in 10 states: AL, CA, DE, ID, MO, NM, ND, SC, UT, WI.

Jora also offers a service called Allay, a financial advice designed to improve your financial situation. Allay provides supplemental income tool, salary calculator, career path tool, & job listings.

Jora Credit Terms

Jora’s terms vary on state and loan amount. The APR of loans offered are fixed with ranges from 186% to 349%. Payment periods also vary, with Jora providing options of 1 month to 30 month loans. Jora does not charge prepayment fees, origination fees, or late fees.

This gives a borrow a great advantage, as the money borrowed and the interest is the only thing a borrow needs to worry about paying. However, if a payment is late, this may incur more interest.

Qualifications for Jora Credit

The qualifications to receive a loan from Jora Credit are fairly simple. They are the following

  • You reside in a state we currently serve
  • You are at least 18 years old (19 if residing in AL)
  • You have a job or other proven source of income
  • You have a valid e-mail address
  • You have an active and valid checking account

Jora is also willing to work with low-income individuals and those with low credit scores.

Application Process

Jora Credit’s application process is fairly straightforward.

  1. Head over to Jora Credit’s website by clicking the link above.
  2. Click on the get started link
  3. Fill out all requested information
  4. Get approved and receive loan offers in minutes

Jora keeps all personal information secure and confidential. Once approved, simply select the loan that meets your terms. The money should be deposited into your checking account within the next business day.

Want to learn more?

Learn more about Jora Credit by visiting their official website below:


Reviews from customers

Helen Parisi
July 18, 2019
 Application process was pretty easy online. I was able to get approved quickly for a small loan.
Fred Germin
July 18, 2019
 It was real easy to apply. website works great.
Eric Andersen
July 18, 2019
 I had an issue figuring out how much I was approved for on the website, so I reached out to support. They were able to figure out the issue pretty quickly and helped me finish the  loan process. 
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Reviews - Read Customer Reviews of Jora Credit

  1.  Lived up to expectations. No complaints.
     Nothing I can think of.
  2.  Love that its quick and easy. Will definitely recommend
  3.  Needed a small loan to pay off credit card debts. Couldn’t have been easier!
  4.  The loan application was very easy and their website was great.
     They approved me for too small of an amount to help.
  5.  Couldn't have been easier. If you need a smaller loan fast, I recommend them.
  6.  Very impressive service. Easy to apply and your loan is deposited to your account the same or the next day. The were a BIG help when I needed it urgently. It's a good option to pay it off in the short term though so to avoid high interest rates.
  7.  This was almost too easy! I received my offer immediately, couldn't believe how simple it was. I didn't think it was even real at first.
  8.  I had an issue figuring out how much I was approved for on the website, so I reached out to support. They were able to figure out the issue pretty quickly and helped me finish the loan process.
     The website couldn't display my offer right away, needed tech support to help me figure it out.
  9.  It was real easy to apply. website works great.
     the interest rate was ok, still a costly loan
  10.  Application process was pretty easy online. I was able to get approved quickly for a small loan.
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