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Overview - LendKey

As a someone with no credit history and a stable income, finding a loan can be frustrating.

LendKey simplifies this process by connecting you with multiple lenders through one, simple platform. Lendkey works with various credit unions and community banks to help you refinance your student loans, or receive a home improvement loan.

Lendkey values privacy and does not share personal information with third parties.

Student Loans

Lendkey offers two options when it comes to student loans: Private Student Loans & Student Loan Refinancing. Both these options are through private lenders that are in partnership with Lendkey.

Private Student Loans

Lendkey allows users to be connected with private student loan lenders. These loans are not through the government and are often used to supplement additional expenses that federal student loans. Private student loans do not require FAFSA. The rates for private student loans are 2.47% variable APR or 3.49% fixed APR. There is no application fee when applying for them with Lendkey.

Refinance Student Loans

Lendkey’s second service is refinancing student loans. This option gives users the opportunity to receive one, low rate loan. Lendkey has rates of 2.47% variable APR or 3.49% fixed APR. Refinancing through Lendkey does not have origination fees and many lenders have flexible options, such as interest-only payments for the first few years.

Home Improvement Loans

Lendkey gives homeowners the option of receiving loans for home improvement. The loans offered through Lendkey work by connecting homeowners with a network of contractors. The money from these loans are disbursed directly to a contractor when a homeowner is approved. Therefore, Lendkey requires that homeowners work with a contractor for their home improvement loans.

These loans are fairly liberal when it comes to eligibility, as Lendkey states any service performed by a contractor on the home is eligible, excluding landscaping, above ground pool, and separate property structure. The loans do not require any home equity to be approved.

How It Works

Step 1: Click on the “Get Started” link above to be redirected to Lendkey

Step 2: Click on the apply link and select your loan type

Step 3: Fill out your information

Step 4: Get an instant decision based on your information

Step 5: Select the loan that fits your needs


Want to learn more?

Learn more about LendKey by visiting their official website below:


Reviews from customers

Miranda Somerset
December 21, 2019
 Amazing for student loans
Mohamed Emam
December 26, 2019
 Nice website for students
Austin W.
August 3, 2017
 Excellent option for people looking to refinance their student loans! Recommended!
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Reviews - Read Customer Reviews of LendKey

  1.  This company seems the best fit to my situation.
     I wish they had personal loans.
  2.  Nice website for students
  3.  Amazing for student loans
  4.  Excellent option for people looking to refinance their student loans! Recommended!

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