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Loan amount: 15,000 $
Term of Loan: 2 Years
Interest rate: 15.49 % to 34.99 %
Monthly payback: 730.80 $
Total cost from: 2,539.12 $
Borrow up to: 
25,000 $

Estimated pay back: 
Poor credit score: 

Weekend payout: 


Credit check: 
Experian and TransUnion
Minimum Income: 


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There is a range of credit options available when you need a $15,000 loan and personal loans are just one of the many.

From mortgages to taking a holiday trip, a $15,000 loan can help you accomplish much. The lending industry now has accommodated various types of customers, including those with bad credit. The bank is no longer the only place you can find $15,000 installment loans.

Advantage of a Secured Loan

If you are looking for the lowest interest rate, you might want to consider a secured loan.  Since you offer collateral against the $15,000 loans, the interest rate is not only low but there are better terms.

The only risky part of this type of loan is that if you fail to repay, the lender has the right to seize your property if you default the loan.  You stand a better chance of being offered better terms if you have a good credit standing.

Secured $15,000 personal loans are good for vehicles, mortgages and home equity loans.

Avoiding Sinking Deeper into Debt

It can be so heart wrenching to obtain a 15,000 dollar loan from a certain credit channel and realize later that you could have avoided a long term commitment.  A reputable lender will always present you with the options.

You need to shop for $15,000 loans with a low interest rate, to be paid at a manageable duration. Do not get into a long term commitment if you aren’t sure how to repay.

The loan comparison tool at Financer.com lets you compare 15 different lenders’ rates.  Make good use of it before taking a $15,000 loan.

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