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Where Can I Get A $5000 Loan Fast?

If you’re familiar with a lot of the in’s and out’s of getting a loan, then, by all means, get started right away by using our loan comparison tool above to instantly compare among lenders with a long history of successful and superior lending.

The reason why is looked at as a frontrunner in financial consulting services not just in the United States but as well as over 25 countries is that we serve to find and share the best lenders on the market with the utmost transparency.

By giving you the ability to compare online loans instantly, we take the leg work and complications out of sorting through all the data painstakingly by yourself.

So give us a shot today, and we know you’ll be very, very happy!

What a $5,000 Loan Can Do for You

Whether you are in the middle of a financial crisis or just need to leverage your credit, a $5,000 loan can help you take care of a sudden expense.

People use $5,000 personal loans for a host of reasons, including sudden expenses for auto repairs and miscellaneous medical expenses.

Personal online loans are also common when traditional financing is not readily accessible or as an alternative solution for debt consolidation.

Perhaps you need a more reasonable APR rate for something like your credit card debt.
A loan online for $5,000 may be the perfect fit for you. And you can compare among lenders instantly online using our Loan Comparison calculator above right now!

Your Main Loan Options:

Installment Loan

Installment loans are what most would consider being a standard loan. They are a loan agreement between the lender and the borrower where the borrower pays the loan and fees back in an agreed period of time, based on a set number of payments.

So checking the fine print on the contract is important.

With an installment loan, a borrower takes out some money and has a scheduled payment period where they are expected to pay as agreed to upon signing.

There are different types of personal loans that might fit your situation best such as auto loans or business loans, that typically come with this feature as well.

You can use our loan comparison tool at the top of the page right now to instantly compare among all lenders and find a lender that best suits your financial needs.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Peer-to-Peer lending is a relatively new and very popular concept. As the name suggests, these loans are produced through crowdsourcing funds for a loan. Therefore, the loan has multiple lenders.

One such company that provides peer-to-peer loans is Prosper. Most peer-to-peer loans usually come in an installment loan format.

The main advantage of using peer-to-peer lending is that the lenders are regular people, so your options might be much more lenient than you might find from a traditional lender.

You can find out more about how peer-to-peer lending works here.

$5000 Loan From A Bank

The other alternative is to use traditional lending methods such as a bank or a credit union. Back in the day these types of financial institutes where the cheapest and easiest way to get a personal loan. However, times have changed and the finance industry is more competitive than ever.

Online lenders not only offer comparative rates they can also be more lenient when it comes to acceptance requirements.

$5000 Loans From Banks vs. Online Lenders

Online LendersBanks and Credit Unions
Payouts next day – 1 weekPayouts up to 2 weeks
Competitive APRsCompetitive APRs
Quick application processLong application process
Flexible approval criteriaStringent approval criteria
Will consider bad credit applicantsWill not approve bad credit applicants

$5,000 Loans For Bad Credit

Another typical question most people have is whether or not, a $5,000 loan for bad credit is possible. We understand your concern.

Most people are only somewhat familiar with taking a loan out through a bank or a credit union. So you might be used to the lengthy process of waiting for approval, explaining your case, going over terms of service, etc.

If you have bad credit, the odds start to get stacked against you whether or not a bank will approve you for a $5,000 loan. All this being said, you might find online lending a faster and more convenient way to secure $5,000… but also easier to get.

This does not mean that getting a loan should be taken lightly because getting credit should always be well thought out. It means that online lenders can be more lenient when it comes to approval, as there is fierce competition within the industry.

Online lending has become really popular, and smaller personal loans have become much more accessible for those with bad credit than traditional methods.

You can compare multiple lenders at once with our tool above and quickly get a decision from our online lenders. You no longer need to schedule unnecessary application appointments with traditional banks and credit unions to get competitive lending rates.

Company Overall Rating Times Chosen
5KFunds 4.3 49,025 View Company 4.2 177 View Company 3.6 70,711 View Company
Blue Trust Loans 4.5 12,945 View Company
CashUSA 3.9 19,199 View Company
Check Into Cash 4.4 11,595 View Company
CreditFresh 3.1 1,320 View Company
Fast5KLoans 4.0 3,407 View Company
Figure 4.3 51 View Company
Jora Credit 4.2 5,869 View Company
MaxLend 3.2 5,620 View Company
MoneyKey 3.9 26,191 View Company
OppLoans 2.6 4,216 View Company 4.5 20,972 View Company

Choose Your $5,000 Loan Carefully

Of course, asking for a $5,000 loan is a decision that should be taken with some forethought. Interest can accrue exponentially if you do not meet every repayment.

You need to weigh your options carefully as you review different lender’s rates, terms and late repayment penalties. Use the calculator above to choose a lender with the cheapest options.

Our loan comparison tool will enable you to calculate the interest and the compound fee of a $5,000 loan- ultimately saving you more money.


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