April $1000 Amazon Giveaway Giftcard Financer

April $1000 Amazon Giveaway

  • 8 April, 2021
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April $1000 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, Financer.com is providing to our users the chance to win a total of $1000 of Amazon gift cards

  • Enter for free
  • 5 winners x $200 each
  • International entries allowed
  • Period: April 1st – April 30th
  • Winners announced on May 1st, on our social media channels

The giveaway organizer

Financer.com is one of the world’s leading personal finance websites. We provide our users’ free loan comparisons of their local banks, money-saving tips, financial news, guides, and more!

Basic requirements to enter

There are 2 basic requirements to enter:

  1. Subscribe to Financer.com email lists, using the widget below
  2. Google “Financer” or “Financer.com”, learn about our brand, and comment at the end of this page what feature you like the most

However, if you complete any of the additional tasks below you can multiply your chances to win. For example, someone who uses all 12 ways to enter will have 25+ times more chances to win the contest so be sure to do your best!

There will be 5 lucky winners by the end of the month, so don’t forget to share the contest with your friends (and gain more chances to win).

Enter by following the directions below

Enter here

$1000 Amazon Gift Card April Giveaway


The 5 winners of the giveaway will be announced here and on our social media channels on May 1st, 2021:

Make sure to follow us so you won’t miss out the announcement! We plan to run regular giveaways, offering several prizes in amazon gift cards, free coupons and more.

The prizes

This sweepstakes’ total prize pool is $1000. It is comprised of 5 amazon gift cards, each of them having a value of $200.

Officially, Amazon stopped its sweepstakes program on October 10th, 2019. However, their gift card program is still running without any issues.

Among many options, we chose to give away Amazon gift cards, because they give flexibility to the winners to choose among a vast collection of millions of products. However there are certain terms that apply when using or redeeming the gift cards that you can read in details on Amazon’s site.

Claiming your prize

Once the giveaway is over, we will contact the winners via our social media chanels, and/or via email. 

The winners need to claim their prizes by responding to us within 7 days and by providing us the following information that will be publicly published on our website and social media channels: Full name, country of residence, city of residence, personal picture (can be their Facebook profile picture).

We will also require to verify the email address that the winner used to enter the giveaway, which will not be shared publicly.

Be sure to check in detail all the giveaway terms, before you decide if you should participate or not. The detailed terms are displayed on this page, by going to the “Enter here” section, and then clicking on the Terms & Conditions link/button that is displayed on the bottom left side of the giveaway widget.

If you have any further questions about the terms or your entry, please contact us on our official social media channels, or comment below.

Past Giveaways

Last year, we created the $1000 New Year’s giveaway. 52064 successful entries were collected, and 5 lucky winners were randomly chosen.

contest of 1000 dollar gift card giveaway for new year 2020

You can find our last year’s winners on this Facebook post, and the initial announcement here.

Also, make sure to follow our social media channels to get informed as soon as the new winners are announced!

Future Giveaways

The most recent giveaways will be announced here for your own convenience. If you have any doubts if we are running a new giveaway, you can visit this section and find out.

Thank your your support. Good luck to everyone!

Author George Chrysochou

George is the Global Marketing Manager at Financer.com. He has Bachelor degree in Economics and a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship. He is the founder of start-ups in the fields of Marketing, E-commerce, AI, Online Advertising and more.

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Cheryll Powning
Loan comparison tool is really helpful.
Steven Cohen
Credit card search to show best cards
Stephen Ortega
I like the comparison feature
Lucy Smith
I liked the easy to use slider in the loan calculation section
Thomas Griffis
I liked the information about traveler's insurance-it was helpful!
Joanne Schultz
I love that using your loan comparison tools doesn’t affect your credit score!
Jackeline burns
I love that I'm not required to register to use it
The comparisons are great
Dawid Lopag
The comparison feature is very unique and super helpful
Susan Smith
My favorite feather is the comparison feature so I can compare personal loans, Payday loans, auto loans, mortgages, credit cards, and business loans.
Ryan Bathe
The comparison feature is very unique and super helpful
Anthony Shumaker
I like the comparison feature.
Financer.com helps you to compare personal finance, such as loans, mortgages, credit cards, saving accounts and more financial products.
Kelsey Fenn
The browsing and comparing feature is a great tool!
I like the comparison feature.
Francisco M.
The comparison feature
Roberta Thompson
Reviews! I research everything and reviews are always helpful.
Tyler G
I like the comparison feature. Super useful.
David Dombkowski
Good tips for sure.
Chelsea Barken
I appreciate that Financer includes companies that are not affiliated with them, which really makes you feel that you are getting the most accurate and unbiased comparisons. I really like the filter options which help to narrow down the results, making it easier find the best lending option.
Kimberly Harrison
Love the tips & options :-)
Ron Ablang
I liked the How-To section the best.
Penny LeBaron
The varied options are the best feature
Tyla Stark
I like the cc tips!
Bruno Marcic
All comparisons on financer are great, my favorite are business loans comparisons.
David Woo
i love this
Kari Bellinger
I like that Financer does all the heavy lifting in comparing finance products.
I love the different options
Shuka S
I love all the different loan options!
Mellisa T
I like how you can compare finance rates worldwide!
bob cobb
dig the mortgage guide
Karen Petrychko
Great prize and great information on looking searching about and making comparisons.
Girija B
Davi Oliveira
I like the comparisons.
Adriana Castaneda
I really like the comparisons to find the best payday loans.
Travis Little
I like the comparisons and just being able to compare. Thanks for the contest as well. I have my fingers crossed hoping to win :D.
Hanna Mina
I like the ability to compare rates on all types of loans
Sarah L
I like the Credit Card Tips and Tricks. Thanks for the contest.
Getting personal loan prevailed the best feature of Financer.
Angelica Seely
I love all of the comparisons!
Rafael Perez
i like the feature about finding the cheapest loan and which one suits me better. i think thats amazing
Paul Chesauan
Good luck everyone!
Polyxeni Papadopoulou
Hi, from Greece!
Jesus Alonso
Thanks for the giveaway
Desire-ojo Abutu
$1000 Dollars Wow!
Anthony Tyler
GLHF on the giveaway, as for what feature I like I would have to say the quick and easy comparing of loans where you can see all the info at the press of a button.
diamond abutu
hey love the giveaway
Nikhil Kumawat
Theodoros OhYeah
This is a good giveaway!
Chris Bivens
I could do a lot with the money
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