April $1000 Amazon Giveaway Giftcard Financer

April $1000 Amazon Giveaway

  • 6 July, 2021
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April $1000 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, Financer.com is providing to our users the chance to win a total of $1000 of Amazon gift cards

  • Enter for free
  • 5 winners x $200 each
  • International entries allowed
  • Period: April 1st – April 30th
  • Winners announced on May 1st, on our social media channels

The giveaway organizer

Financer.com is one of the world’s leading personal finance websites. We provide our users’ free loan comparisons of their local banks, money-saving tips, financial news, guides, and more!

Basic requirements to enter

There are 2 basic requirements to enter:

  1. Subscribe to Financer.com email lists, using the widget below
  2. Google* “Financer” or “Financer.com”, learn about our brand and comment at the end of this page what feature you like the most

*Do not use duplicate / copied answers. Only unique comments will be counted for the giveaway winners

However, if you complete any of the additional tasks below you can multiply your chances to win. For example, someone who uses all 12 ways to enter will have 25+ times more chances to win the contest so be sure to do your best!

There will be 5 lucky winners by the end of the month, so don’t forget to share the contest with your friends (and gain more chances to win).

Enter by following the directions below

Enter here

$1000 Amazon Gift Card April Giveaway


The 5 winners of the giveaway will be announced here and on our social media channels on May 1st, 2021:

The winners are:

  • Holly C
  • Tonya A
  • Megan W
  • Halil I
  • Damien H

Make sure to follow us so you won’t miss out any future announcement! We plan to run regular giveaways, offering several prizes in amazon gift cards, free coupons and more.

The prizes

This sweepstakes’ total prize pool is $1000. It is comprised of 5 amazon gift cards, each of them having a value of $200.

Officially, Amazon stopped its sweepstakes program on October 10th, 2019. However, their gift card program is still running without any issues.

Among many options, we chose to give away Amazon gift cards, because they give flexibility to the winners to choose among a vast collection of millions of products. However there are certain terms that apply when using or redeeming the gift cards that you can read in details on Amazon’s site.

Claiming your prize

Once the giveaway is over, we will contact the winners via our social media chanels, and/or via email. 

The winners need to claim their prizes by responding to us within 7 days and by providing us the following information that will be publicly published on our website and social media channels: Full name, country of residence, city of residence, personal picture (can be their Facebook profile picture).

We will also require to verify the email address that the winner used to enter the giveaway, which will not be shared publicly.

Be sure to check in detail all the giveaway terms, before you decide if you should participate or not. The detailed terms are displayed on this page, by going to the “Enter here” section, and then clicking on the Terms & Conditions link/button that is displayed on the bottom left side of the giveaway widget.

If you have any further questions about the terms or your entry, please contact us on our official social media channels, or comment below.

Past Giveaways

Last year, we created the $1000 New Year’s giveaway. 52064 successful entries were collected, and 5 lucky winners were randomly chosen.

contest of 1000 dollar gift card giveaway for new year 2020

You can find our last year’s winners on this Facebook post, and the initial announcement here.

Also, make sure to follow our social media channels to get informed as soon as the new winners are announced!

Future Giveaways

The most recent giveaways will be announced here for your own convenience. If you have any doubts if we are running a new giveaway, you can visit this section and find out.

Thank your your support. Good luck to everyone!

AuthorGeorge Chrysochou

George is the Global Marketing Manager at Financer.com. He has Bachelor degree in Economics and a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship. He is the founder of start-ups in the fields of Marketing, E-commerce, AI, Online Advertising and more.

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Nikhil Sharma
I read your post. It is very informative and helpful to me. I admire the message valuable information you provided in your article. online training
Megan Wilson
I won the April giveaway, and the $200 Amazon prize I received is such a huge help for household items that we need this month! Thank you so much financer.com, I'm Very Grateful! 😊
Kriss Kimball
The best source for finance, business, stock and investment content.
sedell huntley
Great tool to set up and organize financials, but I wonder if they help if you already have debt to consolidate it.
Lin Pieper
i especially love the financial comparisons, and the personal loan info is great !
Barb popescu
I think I like the comparisons most of all
Megan Wilson
I love that you give honest financial comparisons and help save money!
Cassandra D
The feature of Financer that I like the most would be the information provided regarding personal loans, which I find is very helpful to the many different situations in my life that have proven to be beneficial.
Tonya Atkinson
I like that it is completely free to use.
Shawn Hogan
There seems to be someone trying to imitate you on Instagram!....sent you a message.
Benjamin Rodrigues de Miranda
Daniella Bonagura
Savings account!
i hope you dont really read at these comment,they are bias
hulls teddy
ralf andruchowitz
The website Financer.com helps people to choose the right credit. They can finally get the credit for their buck and thus save a lot of money. In a world in wich we are flooded by bad and unfair credits, this gives more power to the people.
anna mackies
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the ability to compare companies and endless
Ian Foreman
should be free in my opinion
Mandey Calir
i also came for the immaculate giveays,i am ain lovee
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oohhhh yeeaaaaahhhhh heeell dangggi wish i found this website sooner in my life
Achilles Athene
i was so happy that i found out about this
maria gentry
I like how they explain the different kinds of loans!
scotty alan
payoff my mortgage with this companies help
Glass pyscho
yes the company is great but you have to do research too
Gudar darine
i love these
ivett hadri
write nay comment it is a goood website and company
Lulu Lobore
i recommend completely
Jassau HAnnes
i want to win the giveaway going on here babayyy
John Dev
god bless america hahah
agueroo messi
very informative feelings
Angelos Moschovakis
What i like most about financer is the ability to compare prices! Kudos to the team!
akler bygorn
really usefull for beginners to bu stuffy with free money
Kevin Ward
I like the tips for credit cards.
Shawn Hogan
SO easy to compare rates! You save us all the work!
Luis Jimenez
The comparison tools is the best feature.
Raudel Gonzalez Jr.
Raudel Gonzalez Jr.
It’s crazy to think that websites like these make our lives easier by tenfold.
Jim Parksins
I love that you can compare finances between worldwide markets
one of the best financial planning I have come across so far, thank you for making the hard things easier
Tina Michelle Bredbury
I stink at planning and most of all financial planning. It's a stressful thing for us. Thanks for making those difficult times easier and making it easier to plan our finances.
Dixon Haydn
the great company that we all been searching for
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