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2 From 3 Reviews
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Why Cash Central?

  • Loan amounts: Borrow between 100 $ - 5,000 $ fast and easy!
  • Term of loan: Choose to pay back the loan between 10 Days - 2 Years
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Reviews from customers

  • Michael

    Cashcentral has pretty steep pricing for their loans but what can one expect for small…

  • Gwendolyn Dixon

    The service was bad. They claim to have sent the loan amount to my bank.…

  • Anne

    These guys are scammer so went on Web sight it let me fill half of…

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    Cash Central - Summary

    Various online lenders have now replaced traditional banks. You may have so many options but you still have to make a choice.

    What can you expect from Cash Central?

    • Quick funding within 24 hours
    • Secure and licensed lender
    • Confidential application process
    • Friendly and knowledgeable customer care service
    • Loan amounts from $300 to $5000 depending on your state and credit score

    Should You Take a Payday Loan from Cash Central?

    Cash emergencies may occur and you haven’t received your paycheck. Payday loans are quick solutions to such emergencies. You get access to a cash advance and are expected to repay on the next paycheck.

    People from various professions may occasionally need payday loans. These can be used to settle utility bills, rent payments or a short vacation. Cash Central has the following requirements for a payday loan application;

    1. Verifiable source of income
    2. At least 2 current and valid phone numbers
    3. Social security number
    4. Must be 18 years and above
    5. A valid checking account

    How To use Installment Loans from Cash Central

    Cash Central offers installment loans to customers who prefer an extended repayment time. These loans can be repaid in monthly installments of up to 24 months. The installment loan amounts range from $300 and $5000.

    Cash Central Installment loans can be used to build credit score if you have a poor rating. They are also ideal for huge purchases. Payments are done over time. This gives you the flexibility of making timely payments.

    The qualifications of applying are the same as mentioned above.

    Same Day Funding

    At Cash Central, you do not have to wait for the next business day for loan approval. This is made possible through the Green Dot network. As long as your prepaid card accepts reloads from this network.

    Just check on the site if your card is accepted by the Green Dot network. You can have your cash instantly, including holidays and weekends. You can therefore pay your bills using your card at various outlets.

    Different Types of Loans Offered at Cash Central

    • Installment loans
    • Payday loans
    • Lines of credit
    • Title loans

    All these loan types have unique requirements. If you specify your loan purpose, it will be easier to be advised on what type to take. Take seriously the decision to take a loan. Make sure you understand the complete lending process.

    Your state may also determine the loan rates. There are also types of loans limited to selected States. A line of credit is available only in Kansas.

    Reviews - Read Customer Reviews of Cash Central

    Not a top-performing offer

    This lender is not among the top rated, based on user reviews. It has received a rating lower than 3.5 out of 5, which may indicate that customers are not fully satisfied with the service.

    If you would like to see other alternatives, click here for a list of top lenders.

    1. Michael

      Cashcentral has pretty steep pricing for their loans but what can one expect for small short term loans..? Used their service once. Application process and loan terms are pretty straight forward and simple.


    2. C palumbo

      Very bad customer service. They lie to you


    3. Gwendolyn Dixon

      The service was bad. They claim to have sent the loan amount to my bank. They never sent it to my bank.
      When I called them back today Cash Central stated that they received the funds back.
      On one of my documents someone put in the wrong account and routing numbers. Those numbers were placed there by someone, not me. Then they said that I must have typed in the wrong numbers. I cancelled the loan.
      Don’t get a loan from them!


    4. Anne

      These guys are scammer so went on Web sight it let me fill half of it out then brought me to different spot there was a number so I called she took all my info said I would get a email but not to open it as it would take me back threw sign up but they wanted to verify my account she came back said it would not verify that I had direct deposit wanted pay stub threw it all I talked to several people they all came up with different things. I relied things where not adding up then I supoedly talked to someone higher up I asked her why they needed all this info she said she wasn’t sure she was not part of that process.( Rember that) I was told they need one of my bank statement I blocked all my transaction but my direct deposit I also sent pic before that because one of the people said thst would work lol now when I called her back I asked for her she said that would not work I asked her why then she gave me excuse then I trapped her up I asked her a question about why they would now all the sudden need three months earlier when I asked her how they could get the information she said when we verify we can see all your account info and ttransportation I said the bank let’s you see three months she said yes. I let that go she said we won’t let you get the loan with out it. Then she said I will be the one doing it all now I will do the under writing .rember earlier when she said she didn’t do that and another thing to think about if they could see my bank statements why did I need to send them. All in all don’t I repeat don’t use them I called my bank and had them flag it



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