The Best 181 Money Saving Tips - Clever Ways to Save $$

No matter where you are in your financial journey, it is comforting to know that you can save plenty of money every month, just by implementing a few smart money saving tips. has prepared a checklist of 182 of the best ways to save money. These top savings tips can make a big difference over time, if you stick to them and remain consistent. Saving money can also help you get rid of burdensome loans crippling your financial freedom.

If you want to know how to save money fast,look at our list of the best ways to save money below. This ultimate savings guide is all you need to really make a difference in your wallet.

We discuss money-saving tips in these six categories: housing, healthcare, celebrations, phones and internet, pet care, and traveling/holiday.

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tip 1 shopping

Delay spending

Instant gratification when it comes to shopping can really mess up your budget. If you delay buying that thing for even just a day or two, you can make a more informed decision and might realize you don’t actually need that item after all.

tip 2 finance & money

Record your expenses

When you track down all your expenses, it’s easier to identify your major expenditures and where you can cut back on unnecessary expenses.

tip 3 travelling & holiday

Find an alternative airport

It may be cheaper to fly from an airport slightly farther away from your home. Do take into consideration your travel expenses to get to the airport and decide accordingly.

tip 4 other savings tips

Start saving for your retirement

Decide how much money you would want to have after retirement and decide on ways to increase your contributions to your savings plan. If your company offers a health savings account (HSA), you can free up a portion of your income to save accordingly.

tip 5 travelling & holiday

Book directly through a hotel’s website

Most travel sites offer a discount for direct online booking. The lower rates are prepaid and non-refundable.

tip 6 food & drink

Cook at home

Making your own meals rather than eating out can save you a significant amount of money every year. Buying lunch instead of packing your own can cost you $2000 a year.

tip 7 entertainment & leisure

Be nice

Negotiating a deal might be a frustrating experience but be diplomatic and nice while making your point. If you are courteous, the reps will be more likely to offer a good deal. We are human beings after all!

tip 8 finance & money

Be upfront about finances with your doctor

Don’t be embarrassed to tell him you are short on cash. He will suggest ways on how to save money.

tip 9 finance & money

Check for errors

Sometimes minor errors on bills and insurance company statements may cause a significant rise on bills. Go through the statements carefully.

tip 10 entertainment & leisure

Get creative with birthday gifts

Did you know that you don’t have to spend half your paycheck for a birthday gift? Think of surprising your loved one with the best thing you could give: quality time together! Go watch a movie, go for a picnic or hike up a mountain. Make memories that will last more than material things ever would!

tip 11 car & commuting

Invest in car maintenance

Keeping your car in good shape will save money in the long run. Keep the engines tuned and tires inflated.

tip 12 shopping


The first step in saving money is to differentiate between wants and needs. Necessary expenses should be at the top of the list in your budget so that you don’t spend so much on non-priorities. Before you buy something, stop for a minute and ask yourself, “Do I really need this or can I do without?”

tip 13 utilities & household

Air-dry your clothes, dishes, and hair

If you need to use the dryer, ensure it has an auto sensor function to minimize longer, unnecessary drying episodes.

tip 14 food & drink

Avoid the bar

This way you get to avoid admission fees as well as the drinks themselves. You may be surprised to realize you spend more than hundred dollars in one night on alcohol, especially if you meet people you know and you start buying rounds.

tip 15 travelling & holiday

Be flexible with your plans

Always be flexible about your travel plans. Don’t choose a single location and just focus on it. Plan two or three and then decide accordingly by weighing the pros and cons, including the expected cost for each trip.

tip 16 utilities & household

Bundle up

It will cost you about $100 a month to get cable TV, long distance telephone service, and high-speed internet service.  Bundling up all these services in one plan is cheaper than paying separately.

tip 17 entertainment & leisure

Buy reusable Easter baskets

These can be usually used for up to 6 years as they are pretty sturdy. Think about the savings: you won’t have to buy a different basket each year.

tip 18 utilities & household

Don’t buy pre-prepared foods

Cooking your own freshly prepared meal is much cheaper (and healthier, too!).

tip 19 utilities & household

Downgrade on space

Have your children share bedrooms. If you’re single, you may also consider being a roommate and share accommodation with someone.

tip 20 entertainment & leisure

Get an unadvertised theater ticket discount

Call your nearby theater to find more about discounts. There are last-minute discounts for unsold seats a couple of hours before a show begins. Take advantage!

tip 21 shopping

Have a monthly budget and stick to it

Preparing a monthly budget is one thing but sticking to it is quite another. A budget is an effective way to avoid impulse buying.

tip 22 utilities & household

Unplug all unused electrical devices

If these devices stay plugged in when not in use, they will be constantly using up electricity which can add up quickly.

tip 23 other savings tips

Adopt a pet; do not buy

Dog shelters are great places to adopt instead of buying. A bulldog puppy could be sold at $800. An adopted one costs a mere $45.

tip 24 utilities & household

Air conditioner maintenance

Regular service and maintenance of your air conditioner can save you up to $65 a year.

tip 25 travelling & holiday

Ask the locals for prices

There is no need to feel uncomfortable asking about pricing of certain things. Most of the locals will be ready to provide such information.

tip 26 other savings tips

Ask the vet for free samples

A vet may offer sample products or coupons.  Take advantage of these. The vets get them for free and they are usually more than happy to give them out and share with their clients.

tip 27 utilities & household

Audit your home energy use

You may find inexpensive ways on how to reduce your home and heating cooling costs and, eventually, save money.

tip 28 travelling & holiday

Beat baggage fees

Don’t cram extra baggage in your suitcase. Carry a good hand luggage bag and take a portable luggage scale to check the weight before you check-in.

tip 29 travelling & holiday

Bring your own food on board

As long as the foods are not liquid, you can bring along your own snacks. Food on the plane is much more costly.

tip 30 other savings tips

Avoid the ER

Substituting the emergency room with your regular doctor will cost you more. If your doctor can help, go to him first.

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