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emily_joe 1 review | January 21, 2023
Best credit repair company CREDIT HACK247, they have been outstanding over the years. Few months back, they help fixed my credit card limit. My credit score is also back on the right side, all collections and late payments cleared from credit history. I’m much grateful for their fast and reliable service. Email via CREDITHACK247@GMAIL.COM
No Downsideds
nickname_ 1 review | January 14, 2023
No "pros".
I only applied bc Experian said it would be a good idea. So I did. Than OppLoans denied my loan bc of my credit score. Wish these loan places would stop saying you won't get denied bc of your credit score. But than get denied bc of your credit score. Just frustrating.
Netra 1 review | January 4, 2023
I want loan because I give happy my family because I need buy some purpoty
This bank is always good
krissie_swan 1 review | January 4, 2023
marizol_mayen 1 review | January 2, 2023
On a 1 -5 scale I rate them at the lowest for lack of staff training. Yes they have a great product but if you need to get in contact with an agent they are not trained to have any knowledge and speak off a script so automated that it is nearly impossible to get anything accomplished. The one agent made an incorrect payment and I've since called more that 7 times to get a.resolution just to not get anywhere! AVOID IF YOU CAN & LOOK FOR A BETTER INSTITUTION
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