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Tay Tay 1 review | October 7, 2021
There are no pros to this company... this could be the worst mistake of your life.
This company is a rip off.... they basically give you a loan for a large amount of money but put most of it in reserve. So you are paying on a loan that you didn't receive. Given an example, you get a loan for $1000 dollars but they only give you $300 and now you have to pay interest on a $1000 loan for 24 months. Now if you catch on to what they are doing and decide to pay the loan back. They will require you to pay $1000 dollars back and hold $700 of your money for 7 business days. This means they are holding money that you didn't even borrow. Do not get this loan. With that being said, I paid $48 out of pocket for a $300 loan for 2 weeks and in order to pay the $300 back I had to come up with $1000 and now they have been holding my funds for over a week. When I called they said I will have to wait another 7 days to get Money back that technically I didn't borrow and doesn't belong to them.
chelsea_leonard 1 review | October 1, 2021
NONE! They suck!
I had a $950 loan when the woman told me that I would be charged $1300 for the loan I thought thats not bad I can handle that. WRONG! It was a complete bait and switch! I made roughly 3 payments of $700 and not a single dime went to the loan. They were going to charge almost $4600 for this loan of $950! DO NOT WORK WITH THESE PEOPLES THEY ARE LOAN SHARKS OUT FOR BLOOD!!!
wendy_hays 1 review | September 26, 2021
Does not require automatic withdraw. A real person answers the phone.
Bi weekly payments HIGH interest or "program fees" in states with an interest rate limit. Website does not allow you to see any history with balance and additional fees. Program fee is suppose to decrease, it does, but your interest goes up. Plan on a minimum of $85 of your payment not affecting the balance at all. Calling to dispute the balance is met with them telling you "the website is messed up today"
lovely_clewis 1 review | September 17, 2021
It looked promising since I have bad credit and the website stated it worked with bad credit
They absolutely did nothing for me , so after rereading the website I think it's a way to get my information and do nothing else
quanna_smith 1 review | August 27, 2021
Fast approval
Their interest rates are off the charts. Highest I ever seen!! And they'll completely rip you off. I had a loan for $175 and they wanted me to pay $829 back total for the loan. Scam artists, completely dishonest. Do not use them no matter how desperate you are, it isn't worth it!!
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