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Sharon Sparkman 1 review | September 20, 2023
Recomnended by friends
Don’t have any.
Fred Pope 1 review | September 14, 2023
To borrow 700.00 they wanted 2500 interest I might be broke but not stupid
Everything about them
Soliz Cheyenne 1 review | August 22, 2023
Trial convinces
Not really bad
Jenny Lind 1 review | August 18, 2023
Always friendly also very professional they make sure they go over your loan explaining every question clearly that your loan is completely by the border. I differently recommend Lily and Rachel when applying for a loan.
I have been getting loans through the cash store since 2017 .
Edward M. 1 review | August 15, 2023
No real upside.
Pay down (ahead of time and in larger than minimum payments) after making regularly scheduled and unscheduled large payments to pay off quickly they continuously lower available credit but they continue to spam me to take out new loans. I will pay it off and close the account, not worth the shady practices they deploy.
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