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Clarissa Edwards 2 reviews | March 23, 2023
Investment sounded good
Money been held for nearly a month no explanation what so ever keep giving running around is waiting who or how can I contact higher up
Clarissa Edwards 2 reviews | March 23, 2023
Good investment
My funds are being held it's been nearly a month now explaining what so ever who and how do I talk to the higher up
Lila Colon 1 review | March 21, 2023
Wonderful customer service when I call. Hardly any wait times. Their staff is wonderful.
No clear rate is shown on any of their discloses. Only 1% of your payment or at least $10 will be posted to your principle. Had I understood that prior to opening this LOC, I NEVER would have done business with these crooks. I paid $65 biweekly payments towards a $975 balance. After 7 months of payments, I had made 15 payments, a total of $975... Only $150 of that actually went towards principle. It should be illegal. Oh. And the interest is precalculated so don't bother paying extra. It just goes towards their interest. I'm thinking of contacting an attorney about this company because this should not be legal.
Gee Been 1 review | March 20, 2023
None. I don't even know how this scam is legal. The "tribe" governs the 632% interest rate
Total waste of time. This is an absolute scam. Not sure how they get away with this.
Tobias Starborg 1 review | March 16, 2023
Fastest site
$2,500 Norway
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