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jennifer_ruelas 1 review | July 26, 2021
No pros!!!!
This company is shit. Would not have even done business had I not been in the predicament that I was in. They started out with false advertisement telling me that they only charge $24 on every 100 borrowed.. After everything was said and done I find out their charging 630% interest on top of the 24$ on every hundred. Borrowed 800 and pay back is 3,700. I would not recommend this company to anybody. If you have any other option anything at all. No wonder payday loan companies just keep getting richer
Andrea G. 1 review | July 9, 2021
fast process
rates are ridiculous. was charged $600 for a loan of $975. DO not take out a line of credit.
kyle_lindsay 1 review | May 15, 2021
Got money fast
Interest way high 1500 for 500 insane rates
cyc 1 review | May 13, 2021
They do allow you to get loans, instacash up to $250. Beware!
Beware!!!! Even though the pro options will look good to some, once you have experienced the cons they outweigh everything. I initially had no issues with them but slowly noticed little changes, like I would get a instacash and they would take the repayment on the wrong date. I would have a particular account setup for repayment and they would use the incorrect account to repay loan payments, membership fees. The debit card does not work at all atm or store locations, i have been wmbarassed on many occasions where I could not remove money from my account or it would not work at a point of sale machine. The biggest offender, was I received direct deposit in my account every two weeks and my account was active, I was expecting a deposit in my account to pay some important bills, I knew when the payment was expected, well the day the deposit was suppose to hit I received an email saying account closure then a few seconds later i receive an email saying alert suspicious activity on your account. I called and customer serv tells me they have no information other than the account has been closed. Here is the exact message i received. (We have closed your RoarMoney℠ account per the Demand Deposit Account Agreement. This account is not eligible to be reopened. We will attempt to return the funds in your account to the originator. Please contact the originator if you require access to these funds, as MoneyLion Customer Care is unable to redirect these funds for you. If the funds can’t be returned to the originator, they will be sent to your state of residence upon reaching dormancy per your state’s laws, which varies depending on the state and can take up to 3-5 years. Respectfully, MoneyLion Support) The timing of this happening couldn’t be more terrible as everything will now be extensively delayed while I get the deposit rerouted to another account which could take weeks. I was beyond furious but should have known better to trust online banking I have been stung before but learned a lesson never again I will stick with the traditional.
b_p 1 review | May 10, 2021
I cant think of any
Do not go to an allpoint ATM and try to take out money in 2 seperate transactions. They will suspend your account and ask for driver's license, proof of residency and 3-5 days to fix. Do not make the same mistake I did. Avoid this account all together. Update: they say it now will take 7 business days to release my account even though they have received my information. I am done with this shady ass company. Go to chime. They won't rip you off like this.
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