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terry_cornwell 1 review | November 29, 2022
You get money
Contribution fees. It's an open ended loan that is super hard to payoff. You can make a $500 payment and only $50 goes to principal while the company takes $450. So if you continue paying this way on a year of paying on a $5000 loan the company make $5,400 on contributions and you only paid $600 towards principal. So you are looking at being stuck paying on this loan 9 years. I car payment could be $500 a month and you can pay it off in 6 years.
sonya_perry 1 review | November 22, 2022
I don’t even know!
I chose this company for funding for my new business. I was contacted everyday for information that I needed to send. Bank statements and credit reports. After submitting that info to Norelyn Paraon, I stop hearing anything. After a week I emailed this person for an update and was told my business didn’t generate enough revenue, well duh, it’s a new business so I was needing funding for that reason. If that was the reason then it should have been told in the beginning how much my business needed to have generated before making me send all of my info over. If it sounds too good to be true, believe it! Now I have to put a freeze on my credit and close my bank account!
poltava_ukraine 1 review | November 20, 2022
None. They are not a real bank. They don’t have adequate customer service when you run into a problem. They do not keep their promises in returning calls to solve problems. There are many more online banks that have been around much longer that are much better. STAY AWAY!
Terrible customer service. Almost like a bank run by teenagers!
jocelyn_jean 1 review | November 18, 2022
They'll lend you money
You'll pay back almost 10× the amount you borrowed!
suzanne_beck 1 review | November 13, 2022
It is quick and easy
I have nothing good to say about their rates they will make you feel violated.. They claim they don't actually charge interest that it's finance fees which are astronomical. This is a hamster wheel of alone. You will pay and pay and get nowhere. I'm not even sure how these loans are legal. Do yourself a favor and just sell a kidney
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