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Getting cash on the weekend is possible with weekend loans. Read below to get your questions answered.

  • What are payday loans?
  • How do weekend loans work?
  • Can I get a weekend loan with bad credit?
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Please note that loan amounts, interest rates and other loan terms may vary according to your state and credit profile.

weekend Payday Loans Allow You To Borrow Money On The Weekend

Weekend loans are in essence payday loans that are offered on the weekend. They are for short-term low-value loans and can payout on the same day. Read on to find out if a weekend loan is right for you. 

  • How weekend loans work
  • What do you need to apply for a weekend loan?
  • How much can I borrow on a weekend loan?
  • What are weekend loan alternatives?
weekend Payday Loans

Weekend Payday Loans

It can often be challenging to plan your finances, and even more challenging to plan for financial situations you didn’t expect to fall into.

So what happens when you urgently need money to borrow quickly on a Saturday or Sunday? Short term weekend payday loans online are a viable solution for most people, here’s why.

  • Most lenders don’t provide their services during the weekend, this is something you may have already found out.

However, this does not mean getting funded during the weekend is impossible at all. Most payday lenders now have this option where you can borrow online even when it is the end of your week. Meaning you could have your funds on the same day you apply, the best option for those pressed on time.

    You can apply for a weekend payday loan under the following conditions:

  • If you know how much money you need to borrow

  • Are 18 years or older

  • have proof of ID

  • You may need proof of income

  • Agree to loan terms

What Options Do You Have for a Loan During the Weekend?

So given, an online lender might be a good option for a weekend payout loan. The funds are disbursed to you over the weekend, this gives you an ease of convenience some traditional lenders simply can’t provide elsewhere. Your documents will be reviewed electronically and approved online, making this option fairly discreet and straightforward.

Once a storefront short term lender accepts your application, you’ll generally go through a rapid approval process, which will secure you the loan within the weekend itself.

How Do Weekend Loans Work?

  1. You apply online

  2. The lender reviews your application

  3. You are provided with an answer almost immediately

  4. Once approved funds are disturbed in as little as 15 minutes lets you compare lenders willing to offer you loans during the weekend – compare all loan rates here. You are generally expected to repay the loan in full on the next paycheck. In-store/branch applications are also available if you can locate a lender in your area.

The benefit of finding a place near you is that you can always talk over the terms in thorough detail with your guarantor. Generally speaking, online is always the most convenient and still with static terms of loan payments you’d expect to see at the storefront branch.

The terms vary state to state. Be sure to check with your lender first.

Features of Short Term Weekend Loans

  • Quick processing time

  • Slightly higher fees are possible

  • Access to an in-store network

  • Multiple loan options

  • Loans are for short term

  • Bad credit payday loans might be available

Are Weekend Payday Loans Actually Possible With Bad Credit?

As with any other type of payday loan, options are available. It does depend on just how “bad your credit” is, but works hard to help connect you with a trusted lender that can fit in most people’s situations. That said, you should be aware of all terms and conditions upon entering the said agreement.

Are There Any Local Loan Places Open Today Near Me?

You might be searching for “loan places open today,” or “weekend payday loans near me,” online and are having difficulty finding any place in your local area that is open and lending mode. A lot of traditional lenders may hold operating hours of Monday-Friday.

While many typical banks and credit unions are typically closed on Sundays, there are a few exceptions to this rule that you’ll find like TD Bank. The real beauty, however, of online lenders is, you can get approved for a loan virtually instantly on Saturday and Sundays without too much of a hassle.

This probably beats waiting to find a pawnshop that is open on Sunday and getting a loan that could cost you way more than one of our trusted online lenders that can have your funds deposited fast right into your bank account.

Summary of Weekend Payday Loans

Put very plainly, weekend payday loans are no different than any other payday loan except that you can receive funding on the weekend, which a lot of other lenders simply can’t promise.

You’ll see time and time again on different websites, “approved within 1-3 business days”, which isn’t always an option or luxury you can afford.

Weekend payday loans are to be treated no differently than any other payday loan. Suppose you aren’t familiar with payday loans in general. In that case, it’s appropriate to note that you are expected to repay the amount owed in full that you borrowed at your very next payday.

Depending on your loan agreement, you can get a weekend loan with bad credit which really can help some people who need emergency cash for a situation that needs to be resolved quickly.

Of course, rates and fees do apply. Still, the nature of a payday loan, or weekend payday loans in general, is that the pros outweigh the cons. You obtain weekend funds to sort out a situation that could turn much worse much more quickly.

Lastly, it’s good to note that payday loans also generally come with higher APR rates. Although you can receive instant funding, instant approval, and apply online, weekend payday loans do come with the commitment to make a swift repayment. Otherwise, you risk late fees, APR, and other charges that can cause further debt.

A Weekend Payday loan is not the best idea for paying off credit card debt or consolidating debt in general. Still, it can be used strategically by people with all types of credit to navigate out of an otherwise risky situation.

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