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Cash App Borrow: How to Borrow from Cash App

When you need fast cash you can benefit from an app that allows you to borrow money in seconds. It’s ideal for emergency expenses or those times when you are cash-strapped and can’t wait for days to be approved for a personal loan.

This is where Cash App comes in.

We take a look at how Cash App Borrow works and how you can quickly borrow cash from Cash App when you need to. You can also read more on how to file your tax return automatically and free with Cash App Taxes.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this guide:

What is Cash App?

Cash App is a mobile app that lets you borrow money from peers. You can borrow up to $200, and repayment is easy with interest rates starting at 12%.

Borrowing money from friends and family can be a lifesaver when you need it most! With Cash App, borrowing money is easy and convenient – perfect for when you don’t have access to credit or need cash fast.

Want to borrow now? Here are the steps.

How Cash App Borrow Works

When you borrow money from Cash App, your account gets credited with the appropriate amount of cash. Payments are made automatically every week on the repayment date you set.

You don’t need to worry about setting payment reminders.

Here are some of the key features of Cash App:

  • Access to cash from anywhere with the Cash App
  • Interact with bank account holders to borrow money, deposit cash, and more
  • Get paid interest on loans if you have a checking account with Fidelity Bank

Eligibility Criteria

To borrow money from Cash App, you must have a bank account and be at least 18 years old. Your loan amount cannot exceed $5,000 and the interest rate is 12%.

Repayment Schedule

Your loan repayment date will automatically adjust to your payday schedule. You can choose to make payments weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly.

If you miss a payment, your account will be charged penalties starting at 25% APR up to 500% APR.

Cash App Loans

With a Cash App loan, you can get money fast by borrowing from peers. Cash App is essentially a peer-to-peer platform where you can take out short-term loans of up to $200, if you are eligible.

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How To Use Cash App Borrow


1. Open the app and sign in
2. Click on your account balance
3. Click on ‘Borrow’
4. Tap on ‘Unlock’
5. Choose your repayment option
6. Agree and accept
Step 1

Open the app and sign in

This takes a few seconds.

Step 2

Click on your account balance

Tap on your balance in the left corner – this will take you to the Banking section.

Step 3

Click on ‘Borrow’

If you can’t see the heading ‘Borrow’ it means you don’t have access and don’t qualify for Cash App Borrow at the moment.

Step 4

Tap on ‘Unlock’

The app will show you the amount you can borrow – this can be between $20 and $200.

Step 5

Choose your repayment option

Select the repayment plan you want.

Step 6

Agree and accept

If you want to take up the loan, read the loan agreement carefully and accept it if you agree.

Is Cash App Borrow Safe?

Yes, Cash App is a safe way to borrow money. The app uses approved lenders and has state-of-the-art security measures.

You can also deposit your cash in a bank account if you’re not using the app.

Other Ways To Borrow Money If You Don’t Qualify for Cash App

Personal Loans

A personal loan can be an affordable way to borrow as it typically has lower interest rates than cash advances or payday loans.

You can take out a small personal loan to cover a few emergency expenses, or a larger loan – typically up to $50,000 or more – for big purchases.

Personal loan interest rates will vary between lenders so it’s important to carefully compare loan offers to see what lenders off you, based on your credit history and your credit score.

Cash Advances

Cash advances can help you out when you need emergency cash immediately. Interest rates are typically higher, so be prepared to pay more for your loan.

Some lenders offer cash advances and payday loans to borrowers with bad credit, making it an easy option for many.

There are many cash advance apps, including Earning, Chime, and MoneyLion.

Can you borrow money from Cash App?

Yes, you can borrow from $20 to $200 with Cash App Borrow. You pay a flat fee of 5% of the loan amount and you have four weeks to pay it back.

How do I use Cash App?

To get started with Cash App, simply open the app and add funds from your bank account or credit card. From there, you can use it to pay for goods and services at over 35 million merchants worldwide. For even more convenience, just precede any purchase with “@cashapp” followed by the amount you want to spend (for example: “@cashapp 50”).

How much can you borrow with Cash App Borrow?

You can borrow up to $200 with Cash App Borrow and the minimum loan amount is $20.

What are the requirements for borrowing money from Cash App?

You have to live in one of the states where Cash App allows borrowing money, and you have to have a good credit score. 

How to unlock borrow on cash app

There are various factors that Cash App takes into account to unlock the borrow function. This includes the state you live in and your credit score. 

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Last Updated: January 27, 2023

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