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kathleen_barlow 1 review | September 5, 2021
st_ss 1 review | August 24, 2021
Credit builder card
The old “suspicious” account activity trick!! Yep, emailed me once telling me my accounts were closing in 48 hours! I had over $2600 alone in the credit card portion and over $1600 in checking…it took 5 months to get the money from the card!!!
Dixon Haydn 1 review | April 29, 2021
just like the name implied very much magical
never had i ever seen such big moment making machines
Calvin Fung 1 review | April 17, 2021
Looks like a solid company so far. MasterCard with high credit limit (up to $5,000)
Might need to link a bank account, and other processes.
Edward Mercado 1 review | April 16, 2021
do not need a credit history to get approved or an SSN
Talking to customer service takes time
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