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Frequently asked questions about loans.

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What is a payday loan?

A payday is a short-term loan designed to cover relatively small expenses. The balance must be paid on your next payday, hence the name. Payday loans are usually used for emergency, smaller expenses, such as a car payment or utility bill.

Do I need employment to get a payday loan?

You don’t need to be employed necessarily. Many payday lenders will approve you for a loan if you can prove a monthly source of income, such as a personal business or social security.

What do I need to get a payday loan?

As with most loans, you need to have identification, social security number, a checking account to deposit the money, and contact information. You will also need to provide proof of your steady monthly income.

How do I apply for a payday loan?

You can start right here at We have many payday loan lender affiliates that you view here on the site. Once you’ve found a lender you want to apply with, simply click the affiliate link and you will directed to the lender’s site for further instructions.

Do I need collateral with a payday loan?

No, you don’t need collateral. Your proof of income acts as your collateral in a way.

When do I need to repay a payday loan?

A payday loan is due on the next payday after you receive your loan. This is where the name “payday loan” derives from.

Online Payday Loans Might Help You Through the Rough Times

online payday loanWhen you need cash quickly, traditional lending or financing solutions may not be the best option for your needs. In such situations, applying for payday loans can provide you with the quick access to fast cash that you need.

Applying for payday loans online comes with several benefits. First, you can apply for the money you need from the convenience of your own home or office.

Online payday loans process quite quickly: In most cases, you will receive a response your application within 24 hours. If you are experiencing a sudden financial emergency, a quick lending decision can help to put your mind at ease.

Read more about the details of payday loans and use the payday loan comparison above to find the best offers.

Payday Loan – When You Need a Loan Fast

online payday loansPayday loans can be a good option when you need cash quickly, such as on the same day or the next day. If you need a short-term source of fast cash, payday loans can meet your financing needs.

This is often the case when someone needs enough cash to get by until they receive their next paycheck. Sometimes known as a cash advance loan or a payday advance, payday loans can give you the financial flexibility you need to meet your financial obligations without worry.

How to Qualify for Online Payday Loans

In order to pre-qualify for a payday loan, you must be at least 18 years of age. Additionally, you may need to show that you are employed or that you have a regular source of income. The amount of money you are able to borrow may be based on your income.

There are no restrictions regarding how you choose to use the funds from your online payday loan. It is important that you borrow responsibly, but there could be many reasons why you need to borrow money using a payday loan.

As with any loan, you are expected to repay your payday loan upon the agreed upon date to avoid incurring penalties or extra fees.

How Does My Credit Score Affect Payday Loans?

Generally, your credit score will not be a factor in determining whether you will be approved for a payday loan; this is one of the reasons that many people prefer taking out payday loans online versus borrowing through more traditional lending routes.

Even if you have bad credit or you have had credit problems in the past, bad credit payday loans may be still available. You could also still be approved for a payday loan if you have been turned down for a loan by banks in the past.

You will receive the terms of your loan agreement, including the finance charge, prior to the loan being disbursed, allowing you to determine if the loan is right for your current needs and situation

Understanding How Online Payday Loans Work

cheapest payday loansA payday loan is short-term in nature, and are typically due either on or near your next payday. This may vary based on your payday schedule, taking into consideration whether you are paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Another key feature of payday loans online is that they are unsecured. This can be a tremendous benefit for many people who are not approved for a bank loan. There is no need to provide any type of collateral (anything of value that you own, such as the title to your vehicle) in order to be approved for a payday loan.

In loans that do require collateral, if you fail to repay your loan on time, you run the risk of having the collateral seized by the lender; with an unsecured loan, like a payday loan, there are no such worries.

Payday Loan is a Flexible Loan

Since payday loans are short-term in nature, they are designed to assist with immediate, financial emergency needs. This might include:

  • Avoiding bank overdraft fees
  • Paying urgent bills
  • Preventing checks from bouncing at the bank
  • Getting by until payday

Since there are no restrictions regarding how the funds from an approved payday loan can be used, it is up to you as to how you decide to spend your loan funds. It is important to make sure you will be able to pay back your loan on time.

Repaying your payday loan is also easy and convenient. At the time that you apply for your payday loan online, you will provide routing information for your bank account. This not only allows the funds from your approved loan to deposit directly into your account, but it also makes it much easier for you to pay back your loan on time via electronic debit. You will simply need to provide authorization for the payment to be withdrawn from your account on or by the specified due date.

What You Need to Be Approved for a Payday Loan

In order to be approved when applying for payday loans online, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Your full legal name
  • A number where you can be reached
  • Proof of a steady source of income
  • An active banking account in your name

That’s all it takes! Most people are able to complete the application for an online payday loan within just a few minutes. Lending decisions are made promptly, ensuring you do not have to spend a lot of time wondering and worrying about your approval; if your loan is approved, you could have the funds deposited into your account within just a few hours.

If you are facing a financial emergency or you need some quick money to help tide you over until you receive your next paycheck, applying for payday loans online can provide you with the fast, convenient lending decision you need. There is no reason to worry over finances any longer or incur unnecessary overdraft fees when you can apply online for the payday loan you need today.

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