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5 From 2 Reviews
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Why MoneyLion?

  • Available in all 50 states!
  • Lowest interest rate: 5.99%
  • Loan amounts: Borrow between 500 $ - 500 $ fast and easy!
  • Term of loan: Choose to pay back the loan between 14 Days - 1 Year
  • Credit score: Yes, MoneyLion may accept clients with poor credit score
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Reviews from customers (2)

  • Scott

    Moneylion has very good customer service and they were able to help me get the…

  • Martin

    I've been using Moneylion multiple times now. They have a great tool for credit monitoring.…

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    Briefly about MoneyLion

    MoneyLion specializes in providing personal loans with a number of benefits, including the ability to borrow up to $35,000 with rates as low as 7 percent. Over time, customers of MoneyLion can earn rewards and lower rates. For instance, rewards points are offered for customers who download their application, pay on time, take out a loan, and so on.

    Earned reward points may be redeemed for gift cards of the customer’s choice. MoneyLion customers can also reduce their interest rates through endorsements. Additionally, MoneyLion offers a free mobile app whereby customers have the ability to track their loans and payments.

    Who Can Get a Loan from MoneyLion?

    In order to qualify for a loan with MoneyLion, applicants are required to maintain a bank account in good standing, exhibit a minimum creditworthiness baseline, and have steady employment. In addition, MoneyLion assesses each applicant’s ability to repay a loan. A consumer’s application may be denied if she or he does not meet minimum income requirements or has excessive debt burdens.

    It should be noted that any examples of rates provided are examples only and may vary based on consumer eligibility.

    How to Apply

    Consumers can apply for a personal loan with MoneyLion online by entering their social security number and bank account information. MoneyLion will typically provide a lending decision within a few minutes. Applicants are able to choose an offer that best suits their specific needs before verifying information and eSigning relevant loan documents. Approved funds can usually be deposited electronically into your account as soon as the next business day.

    MoneyLion is based in Big Sandy, Utah, and was launched in 2013. Currently, MoneyLion also maintains offices in San Francisco, New York, and Kuala Lumpur. To date, MoneyLion has originated more than 100,000 loans. By reading MoneyLion reviews, consumers will gain a good idea of whether this lender is the right option for their needs.

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    Information about the Service

    Loan requirements & info

    May accept bad credit score

    Be of age 18 or older

    Credit check company: Clarity Services

    Payout information

    Quick payout to the following banks:


    Payout during weekends: Not possible

    Payout hours: Once you application has been approved, the loan amount will deposited in your account within 1-3 business days

    E-identification: Used

    Opening hours

    Monday - friday: 8:30AM-5:30PM, ET

    Saturday: closed

    Sunday: closed

    Contact Information

    Company name: MoneyLion is operated by MoneyLion, Inc

    Telephone: 1-888-659-8244


    Address: P.O. Box 1547 Sandy, UT 84091-1547

    Borrow 500 $ - 500 $ from MoneyLion

    Loan amount
    Term of loan
    APR estimated
    Monthly payback
    Total cost
    500 $
    14 Days
    5.99 %
    501.83 $
    1.83 $
    500 $
    15 Days
    5.99 %
    501.87 $
    1.87 $
    500 $
    1 Month
    5.99 %
    502.50 $
    2.50 $
    500 $
    2 Months
    5.99 %
    251.87 $
    3.75 $
    500 $
    3 Months
    5.99 %
    168.33 $
    5 $
    500 $
    4 Months
    5.99 %
    126.56 $
    6.26 $
    500 $
    5 Months
    5.99 %
    101.50 $
    7.51 $
    500 $
    6 Months
    5.99 %
    84.80 $
    8.77 $
    500 $
    1 Year
    5.99 %
    43.03 $
    16.37 $

    Reviews - Read Customer Reviews of MoneyLion

    1. Martin

      I’ve been using Moneylion multiple times now. They have a great tool for credit monitoring. I have taken several loans from them as well and everything always goes smooth.


    2. Scott

      Moneylion has very good customer service and they were able to help me get the money i needed for urgent expenses. Thanks alot!



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