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Why MaxLend?

  • Loan amounts: New customers can borrow up to $1,000 and returning customers up to $2,000
  • Term of loan: Most loans have approximately 6 month payment period
  • Credit score: Yes, MaxLend may accept clients with poor credit score
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Reviews from customers

  • James

    This is a terrible company, I borrowed $800 and made four payments and my principal…

  • Julia A Bermudez

    Horrible customer service, spoke to about 8 to 10 ppl, they do not collect accurate…

  • Susie Izaguirre

    Service is horrible. The whole thing is a scam. Don’t know how this is even…

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    MaxLend - Summary

    Are you short on cash? MaxLend offers simple and fast lending solutions to individuals. One outstanding feature of MaxLend credit services is that requirements for loans are minimal. This is in contrast to the eligibility criteria of most traditional lenders.

     How MaxLend Loans Work

    You can borrow as much as $2,000 via a MaxLend loan. If you’re a first time customer you can apply for up to $1,200. Here’s how MaxLend loans work:

    1. Fill out a simple online application form for a loan.
    2. You will need to provide proof of income and be at least 18 years of age.
    3. If approved, a customer care representative will call to confirm your details.
    4. Once the details are confirmed, a copy of your application will be sent to you via email.
    5. The money will be deposited into your account the next business day.

    Please note that MaxLend does not fund loans in the following states: Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, or West Virginia.

    Also, note same day funding is not available in South Dakota.

    MaxLend Installment Loans

    Everyone wants to have savings set aside for a ‘rainy day.’ Unfortunately, this seldom happens for people whose income does not supplement immediate savings. Moreover, emergencies often lead to devastating implications.

    MaxLend offers quick approval installment loans to help you stay afloat during financially challenging times. The repayment plan of MaxLend installment loans is predictable. Since the payments are spread out over a period of time in equal installments, it gives you more control over your budget.

    You can also make an additional payment toward principal interest on any scheduled payment date. There is no penalty for early repayment of a MaxLend loan, so this is a good way to reduce your overall cost of credit.

    You will not be expected to provide collateral when seeking a MaxLend installment loan. All you will need to provide is proof of income, a checking account, and a valid social security number.

    Is an Advance Loan an Option for you?

    Advance loans work similarly to payday loans but there are a few features that set them apart. Also called short-term cash loans, advance loans are quickly replacing the traditional payday loans.  The growth of online credit institutions has made it possible to apply for advance loans wherever you are.

    MaxLend advance loans are easily accessible and you can have funds in your account on the following business day. The application process for a MaxLend loan is truly confidential, saving you from the embarrassment of exposing your financial status to friends and family. You can borrow as much as $2,000 via a MaxLend loan, but $1,200 right away on your first time doing business with Max Lend.

    What Are Bad Credit Payday Loans?

    It is common for people in dire need of financial assistance to have trouble maintaining good credit. However, this often minimizes your chances of obtaining loans from traditional lending institutions.

    With MaxLend payday loans, you can get quick access to money even with bad credit. The minimum amount that can be borrowed for a MaxLend payday loan is $100. All non payment, late payments, or partial payments implications will be set forth in the loan agreement.

    Payday loans can be a safety net for a lot of people but it may not be for all. If you have questions on whether or not MaxLend is right for you visit their website and call them 24/7 for support! MaxLend isn’t limited to Payday Loans you’re welcome to apply for Installment Loans, Cash Loans, and Personal Loans.

    Reviews - Read Customer Reviews of MaxLend

    1. Julia A Bermudez

      Horrible customer service, spoke to about 8 to 10 ppl, they do not collect accurate personal information, nor give accurate information themselves, truly sounds like they are scamming ppl, they deposited my funds in an account that don’t belong to me, screwed my credit score inconvenience me more then what I was at, I reached out for their help in Hope’s their reviews were wrong nope I was wrong, until now I still haven’t received funds and I still have a loan with them which I never received. My question is who’s account was my funds deposited too maybe one of theirs cause I sure don’t have them. They have recorded lines yet they didn’t bother to review them to assure themselves that’s not the information I provided all she could say is there nothing they can do. This company is a fraud a joke


    2. M

      I was led to believe the apr for my loan would be 23% (steep but I had an emergency). Trying to figure out why my payments to them would come out to a sum of $2,000 when I only borrowed $500… after scrolling and scanning the fine text I finally found where my apr had been changed to 700%!!!

      This place is a scam.


    3. M

      I’m leaving an extra review because it looks like they deleted my last one. SCAM!


      • Susie

        Max Lend is a total scam. I borrowed $500 when in a very tough financial situation. Paid back the $500 plus an additional $500. I was told I would finish paying it in November. When I called at the end of October I was told I still had six more payments! That’s is not what I was told by the rep when I took out the loan.
        I immediately stopped payment on any future payments to max lend. They will not get another dime from me since they are thieves.
        I am seaking legal action against them to close that account. Since it has been paid!


    4. Susie Izaguirre

      Service is horrible. The whole thing is a scam. Don’t know how this is even considered legal which is why I’m seeking legal action. Paid the amount i borrowed plus almost another 500! And was still told I had six more payments to go. Max Lend thieves will not get another loan from me! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I’ll make sure to comment on all outlets letting everyone know about this awful company!
      I am even filing a complaint with the BBB.


    5. Susan Izaguirre

      Service is awful! Company is a scam and really just taking thousands of dollars from unfortunate souls who are strapped for cash and turn to a loan in tuff times. They take advantage of you and don’t care. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! I got a $500 loan and repayed $916 and change and was told I still had six payments left to make! This company will not get another dime from me. I am seeking legal action because that is not what I was told when I took out the loan.
      I will continue to warn all people seeking loans to stay away from this company! I will write reviews on all media outlets that will allow to be able to raise awareness of this scam and theft company I have even filed a complaint with the BBB.
      Let my comment post!!! Do not erase it!


    6. James

      This is a terrible company, I borrowed $800 and made four payments and my principal balance was still $915. I immediately paid it off. I will never use his company again. A word of advice don’t do it don’t use this company!



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